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"My heart is in the east, and I in the uttermost west." — Yehudah Ha-Levi

Palo Alto Young Adult Egalitarian Minyan

Posted by Oyster on June 9, 2006


Minyan hamifratz (“minyan of the bay”) is an egalitarian minyan in Palo
Alto/Stanford. We meet once a month on the second Friday of the month (this
Friday!) in people’s homes. After kabbalat shabbat and maariv, there is a
vegetarian potluck meal. The minyan draws graduate students and young
professionals spanning the secular to orthodox spectrum. New people are
always welcome.

If you want to come, want more information, or know of anyone in the area
who might be interested in coming, please email us, minyan1@gmail.com.

Hat tip to Jen’s List.


3 Responses to “Palo Alto Young Adult Egalitarian Minyan”

  1. Yonah said

    What kind of minyan is it? What kind of davening? Is there home hospitality? What time does the minyan start?

    Im a recent college grad from santa cruz without a car. Is anyone driving over the hill? Im interested in the minyan, but am a lil short on transportation. Good Shabbos 🙂

  2. oybay said

    Yonah: Unfortunately, I haven’t been to the Minyan HaMifraz yet. Tell you what, we can go sometime if you’d like. And as for your questions, I’d recommend emailing them. And if they don’t provide Shabbos hospitality, then Emek Bracha (formerly, the Palo Alto Orthodox Minyan) will. Shavuah tov! 😉

  3. oybay said

    Hey, Yonah! I think we met at the JTB2 convention this past February, no? I definitely met G-D SQUAD. 🙂

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