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He’Brew celebrates its Bar-Mitzvah (minus three years)

Posted by Oyster on June 19, 2006

He'Brew, the Chosen Beer, Brews for JewsSarah Lefton, of Jewish Fashion Conspiracy and Mission Minyan fame, wrote a post on Jewschool about SF-based brewery He'Brew Beer, celebrating their 10-year anniversary with the following events:

Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Doctors
Monday June 19, 8:00pm @ Amnesia (853 Valencia btw 19th & 20th)
Hebraic bluegrass dance jams with The Jewgrass Boys
Voted Best Bay Area Blue Grass Night–FREE!
Genesis 10:10 and Genesis Ale go head to head…nose to nose…is bigger really better? You Decide!

National Release Party
Thursday June 22, 6-10pm
Toronado aka Temple of Beer, the Mothership, Beer Utopia (547 Haight Street, SF)
For the first time ever all of The Chosen Beers will be on draft including 2 brand spankin’ new 10th Anniversary radical offerings, Genesis 10:10 and Bittersweet LEnny’s R.I.P.A.

Hat tip to Jewnification & Jewschool.


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