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New Young Jewish Communal Living Project in San Francisco

Posted by Oyster on June 26, 2006

Moishe House Seder 06

Moishe House, San Francisco, is an old-new dream. It is like the kibbutz, moshav, ‘bayit’, and havurah movements in its promotion of Jewish communal living, especially among young members of the tribe. It is part of a growing movement being organized by the Forest Foundation of Santa Barbara, CA ( you know, the haimishe folks who bring you Apples & Honey for your Happy Jew Year ).

I lived for a semester at the Berkeley Bayit, which might be considered a part of the bayit movement that the Jewliciouser Rebbe refers to. In all, these projects fight the good fight. They bring together Jews, sometimes of drastically varying Jewish backgrounds and up-bringings to live together. And, as a true testament to the power of bringing Jews together in close proximity to fight assimilation, they produce an out-pouring of Jewish involvement, activities, parties, and more. Oh, and it’s tons of fun, too! 🙂

Well, if gradish and I have our way, it might not be too long before there’s a Moishe House of Silicon Valley. Stay tuned…

Pictures from the Moishe House picture site.

8 Responses to “New Young Jewish Communal Living Project in San Francisco”

  1. Aaron said

    thanks for posting about the moishe house!!! would you like more info to get you started, involved, doing programs? where do you live in yay?

  2. Aaron said

    oy taltman from jewlish, what’s up?

  3. oybay said

    Hi Aaron! Yes, this is me, ‘taltman’ from Jewlicious comments, and sometimes at other related Jblogs. 🙂 Are you a regular there, too? Or, did we meet at the http://www.jtb2.com ?

    Why, yes, I’m interested in starting a Jewish co-op in the south bay. Me and a few of my fellow co-conspirators are drawing up a master plan for young Jewish life in the South Bay, and that is a key component. So, how can you help? 🙂

  4. G-D SQUAD said

    We started a small operation in Santa Cruz in 2004 called the Santa Cruz Bayit. It was the first kosher, quasi-communal house for Jewish students in Santa Cruz (that I know of). It subsequently split in Fall 2005 into a kosher men’s house and women’s house (the Bochur Pad and the Maydel Place, respectively).

    It’s definitely a beautiful phenomenon, and I know we all learned so much along the way (about each other, about Judaism, and about our Jewish identities). I’m glad to hear that new ones are cropping up throughout the Bay Area.

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  6. very nice blog!mary

  7. […] for Isaac, fearless leader of the innovative Jewish communal living project, this isn’t the first time Oy Bay caught him in a compromising pose ). The money was being raised to help fund the educational needs […]

  8. BAIHLAH said


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