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BayJews.org’s Young Adult Havurah: Dining Out

Posted by Oyster on June 28, 2006

BayJews annoying animated gifBayJews.org is a site that strives to be a portal for Jewish life in the San Francisco Bay Area. Amongst the various services that they provide, such as classifieds, personals, and event listings, they are also have an effort to start ‘havurahs‘. One of ’em is for young adults, and they’re meeting to dine out at Lori’s Diner in SF, tomorrow night.

At right you’ll see the famous animated spinning Star of David mascot of BayJews. 🙂


2 Responses to “BayJews.org’s Young Adult Havurah: Dining Out”

  1. TM said

    Don’t strive to be. Be.

  2. oybay said

    I couldn’t agree with you more, TM. Alas, I’m not the one at the helm of BayJews. 😉

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