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UC Santa Cruz Chabad Student Center video

Posted by Oyster on June 29, 2006

Thanks to G-D SQUAD of the Jewnification Project for finding this gem! This is just too good to pass up!

The video

My good friend gradish is in one of the shots, too. 🙂 My claim-to-fame is that I helped gradish organize an effective protest to Amir Abdul Malik Ali, an anti-Israel, anti-Jewish hate-monger, when he came to UCSC. Wow, I really need to head down to UCSC more often… gradish, al33za, and a lot of my other friends really have helped sponsor a Jewish renaissance for that campus.


2 Responses to “UC Santa Cruz Chabad Student Center video”

  1. G-D SQUAD said

    Oy-ster, glad you enjoyed it 😉

    Was that the anti-Malik protest of aught three? You know he came back this year and there was no protest at all, but I think most people who heard him understood how crazy he is.

  2. oybay said

    I believe it was the one of ’03. It caused quite a stir back then, and from what gradish and others have told me, it lead to a flurry of Jewish & pro-Israel activity on-campus.

    He and Hatem ‘Hate them” Bazian are prerennial anti-Israel agitators that go about from campus-to-campus spreading their venomous message.

    Keep’em videos comin’, G-D SQUAD! 😀

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