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MOT? Bay Area Tribe tonight!

Posted by Oyster on July 6, 2006

Blue inter-locking Star of DavidNo not “The Tribe”, the award-winning film by the Webby AwardsTiffany Shlain and UC Berkeley‘s Prof. Ken Goldberg (both of whom I met at the Jewlicious @ the Beach, 2.0 conference), but the grass-roots get-some-young-Jews-schmoozin’ group put together by one of my hebrew school peers. It seems that this group is fairly loosely-affiliated, and most of their events have nothing more formal than an E-vite to them. Word passes by word-of-mouth, email forwards, and Jen’s List.

And here’s the actual invite to the Bay Area Tribe tikkun-olam event:

Check out Evite and RSVP


Host: Bay Area Tribe
Members of the Tribe!After much delay the Bay Area Tribe is announcing it’s next event!Our last two events were huge successes- Sloshball and Broomball.

Now it’s time for a little Tikkun Olam.

We will be volutneering at the SF Food Bank and then going out for Pizza and Pitchers!

At the food bank we will be helping out with their repackaging and sorting food projects.

Dont worry, no heavy lifting or anything like that. Its fun, sociable and you are doing a Mitzvah!

We will be at the Food Bank from 6:00pm-8:00pm, then head over to Goat Hill Pizza which is open till to 10:30pm.

The San Francisco Food Bank works to end hunger in San Francisco. They provide donated and purchased food to over 450 non-profit agencies. They are the largest distributor of food to non-profit agencies in San Francisco. This year, they will distribute nearly 25 million pounds of food, or enough to provide 53,000 meals a day. http://www.sffoodbank.org

It’s important to dress in layers, as the temperature in the warehouse is often cool, to wear casual clothes, and to wear comfortable (no open-toed) shoes. There is ample free parking. Please see below for directions to our facility.

1. Travel south on 4th Street until it intersects 3rd Street.
2. Turn right on 3rd Street.
3. Continue on 3rd Street until it intersects 23rd Street.
4. Turn right on 23rd Street.
5. Continue on 23rd Street until it dead-ends into Pennsylvania Avenue. The Food Bank is in front of you and slightly to the left.

Please see the MUNI routes for buses 15, 22 and 48 which will stop a couple blocks away from our warehouse.

Goat Hill Pizza: 300 Connecticut at 18th Street
Instead of collecting money up front for Pizza and Beer, this will be “Pay to Play”- order on your own, or make your own groups to share.


Contact us at: www.myspace.com/bayareatribe or bayareatribe@…

Hat tip to Jen’s List and the Bay Area Tribe.


2 Responses to “MOT? Bay Area Tribe tonight!”

  1. oybay said

    Looks like the event went well. They now have some pics posted on their MySpace site.

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