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Hizbullah Attacks Israel’s Northern Border

Posted by Oyster on July 13, 2006


Hizbullah Attacks Israel’s Northern Border
— Background Information, Foreign Ministry Statement, & Notes —

On Wednesday morning (July 12), Hizbullah terrorists attacked two IDF armored jeeps patrolling the border with Lebanon, killing three soldiers, kidnapping two, and wounding others. Four more soldiers were killed when their tank detonated a mine, as IDF units entered Lebanon to rescue the abducted soldiers. An eighth soldier was killed when IDF troops entered Lebanon to retrieve the bodies of the four soldiers killed in the tank attack.

Hizbullah earlier also launched massive rocket and shelling attacks along Israel’s northern border, wounding both soldiers and civilians. Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz demanded the Lebanese government act immediately to resolve the crisis.

From the Jerusalem Post
Read more at www.jpost.com

Statement by Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs
Tzipi Livni on the Attack from Lebanon:

Israel was attacked today from Lebanon. Hizbullah is a terrorist organization, which is part of the Lebanese government. The international community, including the Security Council, has demanded, repeatedly, time and again, that the government of Lebanon dismantle Hizbullah. Lebanon has failed to act and today’s aggression is the result.

Israel views the government of Lebanon as responsible for today’s unprovoked aggression.

There is an axis of terror and hate, created by Iran, Syria, Hizbullah and Hamas that wants to end any hope for peace. The world cannot let them succeed.

In these circumstances, Israel has no alternative but to defend itself and its citizens. We also expect the international community to act.

Additional Information:

Hat tip to the San Francisco Israel Consulate.


One Response to “Hizbullah Attacks Israel’s Northern Border”

  1. oybay said

    Looks like the pro-Pali professiona protesters of SF were at it again today, and the BBay Area Tribe, being the mentsches that they are, sent out a MySpace bulletin:

    Stay tuned for more events from these guys; same BAT time, same BAT channel!

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