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JDub’s Golem playing SF tonight!!

Posted by Oyster on July 20, 2006

Golem Klezmer Group
No, not a sniveling creature lusting after a ring, nor a kabbalistic humanoid created by the Maharal of Prague to defend the Jews. Golem is one of the unique Jewish musical offerings that’s brought forth by the non-profit JDub Records label; the same fine folks who discovered Matisyahu and helped launch him to greatness (even though he had a messy split with them). They also have their own webpage (nice music and lots of pictures!) & a page on MySpace.

JDub`s Golem in town Thursday night
JDub`s (the label who discovereed Matisyahu) newest band, Golem,
will be in town this Thursday at a new club called Boca. “Folk
punk!” This sounds so fun!

GOLEM in San Francisco
Thurs, July 20th, 9PM

415 777-4278
$10, Golem goes on at 10PM SHAAARP

Contrary to popular belief, Golem is neither a towering Jewish
Frankenstein who defended the Jews of 17th Century Prague, nor a
creature from “Lord of the Rings.” Golem is a 6 piece Eastern
European folk-punk band.

Fronted by Annette Ezekiel, Golem`s sound evokes wisps of
old-world elegance filtered through the successes and
disappointments of new-world dreams. Spending nights in Lower
East Side immigrant-owned bagel shops and summers in Eastern
Europe, Annette collects Jewish, Gypsy, and Slavic folk songs,
adding, editing, and rearranging them along the way. These are the songs to which her Eastern European grandparents danced over a century ago, and now Golem has its unwrinkled fans dancing to the same pulsing beats. Golem will be featuring songs off their JDub debut, “Fresh Off Boat,” in stores everywhere August 22nd.

“Fronted by the stellar vocalist and accordionist Annette Ezekiel, Golem uncovers lost or forgotten tunes and modernizes Yiddish classics, but what sets it apart is its ability to balance a wild edgy approach with a reverence for Old World tradition.” – The New Yorker

“Golem produces the sort of music you`d expect if the shtetl were
filled with punks instead of peasants.” – The Washington Post

“An edgy spin on the Eastern European music of their Jewish
grandparents…” – Time Out Chicago

Hat tip to Jen’s List and BayJews.org.


6 Responses to “JDub’s Golem playing SF tonight!!”

  1. ALilyAmongThorns said

    Wow that sounds really cool. I think I’m gonna get a CD for my babushka and dzedushka. My friend and I have recently gotten into our childhood classics growing up in Russia (well for her, Ukraine) but that have been remixed. Like there’s the song “tziper ya chiburashka” (now I’m a chiburashka… there’s really no translation for that I think. I guess you could say it’s a sort of animal) but instead it’s “tziper ya prostitutka” (now I’m a prostitute). It’s pretty funny. Anyone know who sings that song btw? Oh yeah, and we’re totally gonna be there tonight. See ya’ll there!

  2. ALilyAmongThorns said

    So I tested my grandma’s openness to “remixing the classics” with my techno version of Fur Elise. She busted out laughing. Go grandma!

  3. ALilyAmongThorns said

    wow I just read about Matisyahu’s split w/ JDub Records. That’s really sad. I mean I wouldn’t care if it was any artist but the fact that he’s an Orthodox Jew, I would think, means that he lives by a certain set of values and THIS is not ethical behavior. It’s like do you care more about making money than God?

  4. Oyster said

    Yeah, I mean, you can understand that he might one day outgrow the small JDub label, but the way he did it, as far as we can tell, was hardly on amiable, friendly terms. It seemed more by fiat, than by discussion.

  5. shiduri said

    I can’t wait to check Golem out 🙂 Good times!

  6. […] I’m so wiped after my final exam. If anyone goes to this please let me know how it went, okay? It seems damn cool… performances by Golem, PJA in da house (hey Sarah!!!), and free latkes! Man, oh man… […]

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