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Oy Bay Exclusive: Video & Photo Coverage of the SF Israel Rally

Posted by Oyster on July 26, 2006

Crowd Shot at 07-23-06 SF Israel Rally

The Oyster literally cooked in the sun to provide you, our loyal fans, this exclusive footage of the ENTIRE speech by Senator Dianne Feinstein at the San Francisco Israel Solidarity Rally.
First Half (YouTube)

Second Half (YouTube) – Includes a live phone call with the Mayor of Haifa (is she saying “Mr. Mayor” or “Mr. Mayer” ?)

Photos (Flickr)

UPDATE: The Jewnification Project‘s G-D SQUAD has posted another video of the rally, with commentary.
Read on for more photos & commentary

Feinstein getting ready

Feinstein getting ready in the distance as a guard secures the platform

India Supports Israel

Two Indian gentlemen joined the crowd to support Israel.

Pro Israel Kid
Like I always say: you’re never too young to be a Zionist. 🙂


4 Responses to “Oy Bay Exclusive: Video & Photo Coverage of the SF Israel Rally”

  1. Oyster said

    A weak “let’s try to be even-handed in our coverage, even though there were 1,000+ pro-Israel supporters and only ~30 anti-Israel supporters” article can be found in the Monday edition of the SF Chronicle.

  2. It’s nice to see people from other countries supporting Israel.

  3. Oyster said

    Definitely true. Both Israel and India have a similar situation of being the target of Jihadist extremists.

  4. […] I first saw Gavin Newsom at the Israel rally in San Francisco. He was tall, impressive, and accompanied by two bodyguards. The face didn’t connect immediately with the photographs I’ve seen in the papers. I walked by him, trying to at least brush my arm against his sleeve. I envisioned him to be a big shot Jewish businessman, or a hot lobbyist for AIPAC. My friend quickly informed of his real identity and goy status. […]

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