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Oy-Bay Exclusive: South Bay “Call to Action” Videos & Photos

Posted by Oyster on August 1, 2006

CBD Rally Table

Videos, PDFs, photos, college-age Jewesses under rocket attack, and ‘Yalla ya Nasrallah’, whew!
On Thursday, July 27, a host of Jewish organizations in the south bay banded together to host a “Call to Action” to raise awareness and support for Israel in these trying times. This event impressed me on several levels.
The Federation has a brief re-cap of the event. I have a not-so-brief re-cap below. 🙂

Read on for a review, photos, and exclusive video footage of Charles Kirschner’s speech (South Bay AIPAC Director):

The event was titled “A Call to Action” for supporters of Israel to take to heart and mind what they can do to help. The program included information on how to lobby our local and federal representatives to voice our support for Israel. This is crucial, since they do have interns and computers that tally the number of phone calls and emails that they get for or against any given issue. And then you add to that the fact that here on the Left Coast most of the radicals are flooding these pro-Israel representatives with calls denouncing Israel. It’s important for us to try to level the ratio of letters/calls.

Also, information was given out on how to lobby the Antisemitic bastards the International Red Cross for them to demand to see our abducted soldiers (I guess seeing Muslim prisoners in Gitmo is their only priority). And a link to other UJC opportunities to help was provided.

Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel Yona Metzger put together a website trying to link Jews around the world in their support for Israel and their prayers for the safe return of our abducted soldiers, and for victory for our armed forces. Oh, and we’re to unite in prayer on Tuesday at 9 AM, or about 40 minutes from now.

And Aleeza Abramovitz put together an amazing flyer on how you can get involved and help Israel.
The evening started with everyone signing in and picking up materials (see top photo) such as the program guide, donation flyers, little Israeli flags, and metal blue-&-white ribbon pins. And in the photo you can see the see-through donation box, which provided an interesting halakhic issue for me, since one can see the checks inserted, and I therefore refused to look, since that might detract from someone else’s mitzvah of charity.

CBD Rally Audience

There was a great turn-out at the event, with something on the order of 70 people there. Considering the last-minute appeal for getting the word out, that was great! Also, I saw a lot of faces there that I never saw before, or only rarely. So a great way to get new young Jews involved, though I thought that more could have been done as a follow-up to keep them coming. I guess the sign-up sheet will help SVYAD get in touch with them for more programming.

Rabbi Schonbrun 2
Rabbi Schonbrun opened up the event, and instilled in us an appreciation of the phrase chazak v’ematz, “be strong and resolute”, which is a phrase which is currently plastered all over Israel, along with Israeli flags. Ron Peled, the event chair from SVYAD, also made a statement.

The next speaker was Charles Kirschner of AIPAC, and I’ll let his words speak for themselves (video).

Jacob Fine, a tall, dashing Congregation Beth David member who volunteered to join the IDF, spoke about his experiences and his assessment of the current security situation in the north. I was sure to thank him for his service to Israel, and I asked him if the IDF would call up American volunteers. He said not at this point.

Probably the gem of the evening was the harrowing personal account of Hezbollah rocket attacks by Ilana Nankin (my former Hebrew High student. And now goes to Cal. Go Bears!! Akh, such naches! ). To do it an injustice, her Birthright Israel trip went from Tzfat (Safed, for the goyim), to Haifa, to Tiverya (or Tiberias, for the goyim), each time being hit with rockets, and being told “don’t worry, we’re moving to some place where the rockets can’t reach us”. Her experience in Tiverya was expecially horrific, with rockets landing all around her, some just a few hundred feet away. Oh, and she hung up on her parents as the rockets started exploding, only to call them much later to reassure them. 🙂 She spoke movingly of how the Birthright trip clung together in the hotel bomb shelter, singing songs of peace and praying in one voice. A moment so potent and uplifting that it moved the UC Berkeley staff to tears.

Rabbi Joey Felsen of the JSN was the anchor, extolling the value of donating to the various charities. We alone raised over $2,500.00 during the event alone, from a combination of attendant donations and from people calling up Federation members and asking them to donate. During the entire time that the event was going on, the projected image of an Israeli flag with a dollar amount was continually updated by Michael of Hillel of Silicon Valley. At one point early on, he updated the figure to $613. 🙂

Oh, and just to finish on a “chai” note, check out this great outlet for Israeli creativity in overcoming terror: Yalla Ya Nasrallah (video)!

Hat tip to Aleeza Abramovitz of CBDYAG, Jonathan Berg of SVYAD, and Jewlicious for the ‘Yalla Ya Nasrallah’ video.


5 Responses to “Oy-Bay Exclusive: South Bay “Call to Action” Videos & Photos”

  1. Jonathan Berg said

    Finally, a news source that gets it! Thanks for this.

  2. mishgolden said

    That “Yalla ya Nasrallah” is great!

  3. I hate to burst the bubble here, but I believe this was covered by the Saratoga News, which Saratoga residents got today, and is on stands and online tomorrow at http://www.svcn.com , click on the Saratoga tab.

    The headline reads: Rabbi joins young adult group in a show of support for Israel. It’s a nice piece.

    The reporter was Shannon Burkey, reach her at 408-354-3110 x24 to thank her for her story, or call the editor Dick Sparrer at x31

  4. Oyster said

    No bubble bursted, Laura! That’s awesome news. As soon as the article materializes, I’ll be sure to update the post with a link.

    And definitely call up Shannon and give her a “wazzap!”. 🙂

  5. […] [UPDATE Friday, August 25th, 2006 @ 11:53 AM PST] Laura, ever a master of the facts, reminds us that Jacob spoke at the “Call to Action” event that we covered earlier. […]

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