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Keeping Israel in our Hearts: Acting Locally

Posted by Oyster on August 11, 2006

Israel Action dayThere’s a lot going on this weekend for Israel, so listen up. For those of you in the South Bay, definitely take some time out of your weekend for two hours on Sunday, and come to the Levy Family Campus (that’s Hebrew for: Los Gatos JCC) for Israel Action Day ( in Hebrew below; click on image! ). I was too late to post the notice for the Israel Center update with Consul General David Akov yesterday, but they’re having another one on August 16th, at the Stanford Hillel, so don’t sweat it.

Jew-Zilla attacks Beirut!Oh, and Aish put together this AMAZING video on how a blatantly biased media is trying to smear Israel. And the graphic here? It’s from the photo-shop wizard ck, over at Jewlicious.com.
Israel Action day Hebrew
SF Voice for Israel RallyThis Shabbat, our detractors are planning a huge anti-Israel hate-fest in downtown SF. This is a favorite tactic of theirs; that way the observant Jews can’t be out there to defend Israel. If you want to help the SF Voice for Israel, then get over to the SF Civic Center at 10:30 AM. See the website for details.

[UPDATE]: Here’s an article from the Merc about yesterday’s rally in SF. Aside from the usual deflating of our accusations of Antisemitism by getting some token self-hating Jews from the opposition to talk (instead of actually addressing the basis of our claims), the article was still fairly biased against us. I did feel better when “Karen” demonstrated her committment to fact-checking and her iron grasp of geography when she quoted someone as having fled “Tripoli” with “explosions all around them”. Yes, Israel is the root cause of all the evil in the Middle-East! Even in countries we’re not fighting with, like Libya! What a dumb-ass. Please email her and tell her so. No, it is I who is the dumb-ass. 🙂

[UPDATE]: ZombieTime (who is this dude?) has posted up some pictures & captions from the August 12th Anti-Israel rally. More pictures.
Of course, check out al33za’s kick-ass PDF for more ways to help the Jewish State. Help Israel PDF

Check out this website, and upload dem pictures!

Jewish Mayhem Magazine coverA weird turn of events is Jewish Mayhem Magazine, a sort of more sexual & raunchier version of Heeb Magazine, all of a sudden has become a mentsch, and is promoting people to help Israel. Partnering with JewStar, they are selling “I Love Israel” bracelets to raise funds for Yad Sarah, an Israeli non-profit that assists the most vulnerable segments of society; those who are disabled, elderly & frail, or home-bound. They are also seeking to throw some sort of “cool-Heeb, proud to be a Himey Homey, extraveganza”, so if you are in the Toronto area and would like to help, contact them at mail@jewishmayhem.com.

[UPDATE] Looks like some anti-Israel idiots [warning: link to anti-Israel site] crashed the Consul General’s lecture last night. Hey jerks, its only fair if you then let us come over to the Palestinian Community Center and crash your talks. So go get a life. Also, the International A.N.S.W.E.R. (to an international stupid question?) anti-Israel hate-fest for tomorrow morning looks like it will be uglier than usual, with Yitzhak Santis (I actually have worked with him in the past on pro-Israel stuff, and I met his daughter recently at a HSV Shabbat dinner. He’s unflappable as a pro-Israel advocate, but who knew that he’s also a music composer?) of the JCRC having caught their Antisemitic chants on tape “the Jews are our dogs”…

[UPDATE: 10:02 AM, August 22, 2006] Just noticed the J-Life‘s coverage of the Israel Action Day.


11 Responses to “Keeping Israel in our Hearts: Acting Locally”

  1. Oyster said

    New rule. Arab countries cannot have a city name used in different countries. :-p

  2. There’s a Palestinian Community Center?

  3. Oyster said

    No silly! I’m just being sarcastic. Instead of leaching off of our institutions, why don’t they go, you know, do something productive? Or is it that their identity doesn’t extend beyond hating us?

  4. Oyster said

    Sorry for how messy this post has become. Too much info coming in too fast, and not enough writers to process it all!
    ( hint hint: writers wanted!)

  5. Oyster… I was kidding. I was trying to make the same exact point you were, that there isn’t one. Who’s silly now, huh? Oh by the way, I saw a segment about the photo fraud in Lebanon on Fox news (yes, I admit it, I watched Fox news. I’m sorry! The other news channels (and I use the term loosely) were on commercial and were selling the Magic Bullet) and they mentioned the http://www.aish.com video and told people to go see it (he even spelled out the link)

  6. Wow that zombietime web site is great! Really great pictures. I have now learned about Gandhi, Tom Clancy and scrotal inflation.

  7. Oyster said

    “Magic Bullet”? Is that a reference to V|AGARA? :-p And what’s up with you and “scrotal inflation”?

    It never ceases to amaze me how more & more Cable and Network channels are reporting on things online; as if the two forms of media are converging.

  8. shiduri said

    I’m repulsed by the Israel = Nazi analogy — are people really that stupid?

  9. Oyster said

    Alas, Shiduri, I *wish* I could attribute it to stupidity. No, it is rather due to Antisemtism, knowing that nothing would hurt Jews more than to be compared to our tormentors and our murderers.

    They could compare Israel to any host of totalitarian regimes, but they pick the Nazis to infuriate us.

    Also, I’ve had one of them come up to me and present some pseudo-scientific garbage from Prof. Nader (Ralph’s sister) at Berkeley, that “the victim becomes the victimizer”. Right, that explains the high rate of rape victims raping other people… 🙄

    They also do this to try to “neutralize” the memory of the Holocaust when people think of the Jewish people. If they can smear us as being “just like the Nazis”, then people no longer have to hold the Jews in a sympathetic light. And there are many people who would like to not feel morally inferior to the Jews, and would love for an excuse to say “look, they are no better than the Nazis”.

    As an Israeli psychologist once said: “The Europeans will never forgive the Jewish people for Auschwitz.”

  10. […] It’s a shame that Marnina Cherkin and Amy M. Stein of the Central Pacific Region of the Anti-Defamation League, in this context, found their calling in criticizing pro-Israel activists for being meanies in this recent article in the J Weekly, and completely failed to report on the blatantly Antisemitic material that was photographed at the August 12th Anti-Israel rally in SF. Of course those advocating for Israel should be civil and not stoop to the level of those who gleefully desire Israel’s destruction. But isn’t the ADL’s primary mission to fight Antisemitism? Or is that too parochial? On a related note, here are photos of the pro-Israel side of the rally (since ZombieTime focuses on the Antisemitic material on the Pali side) from my long-time friend Sasha. (And if their article wasn’t enough, their website has the inane line, “Northern California (including San Jose, but excluding Bakersfield)”. What the hell?!) […]

  11. […] Pesky Palo Alto anti-war agitator takes a swipe at Yitzhak Santis. […]

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