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Yo Oyster, where the party at?

Posted by Oyster on August 11, 2006

2nd Sat lips Aug 06

Second Saturday August 2006
Merry Minyan’ing in Palo Alto and a seductive Second Saturday

Yikes! It’s almost Shabbat, and I still haven’t clued y’all in to what’s a-happenin’ this weekend.

Okay. Well, first of all, I dunno about all of you, but I’ll be davenin’ my fool head off at the Minyan HaMifratz (“Prayer Group of the Bay”, in Hebrew) tonight in Palo Alto. From their latest missive:

Minyan haMifratz is a lay-led Jewish community made up of graduate students and young professionals from a wide variety of Jewish backgrounds in the Palo Alto area. We meet monthly on Friday nights for lay-led, traditional, egalitarian Shabbat services and a vegetarian potluck Shabbat dinner. We meet in the homes of members of the Minyan.

Monthly Minyan Meeting: the Minyan will be meeting on Friday, August 11 at 7:30 pm at Katie and Orie’s new home (2121 Williams St. in Palo Alto ). As always, we ask that you bring a vegetarian potluck dish (one per person, double the amount of a dish for 2 people and so on…). Please RSVP to this email address ( minyan1@gmail.com ) by Wednesday and let us know:
1) If you are coming
2) What vegetarian dish(es)/kosher wine/challah you will bring. Also, instead of a prepared dish, we’ll need two people to bring paper goods for approximately 35 people (one can bring cups, plates and napkins and the other can bring the plastic wear).

We’re looking forward to seeing you this Friday. If you have questions or want more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

And, of course, there’s the Second Saturday joint. The biggest, bad-ass Jew party in the greater Bay Area. This Saturday, 8-10 PM, at the Cellar. Come shmooze & peruse some Jews.

Bay Area Tribe Evite Sun
[UPDATE] D’oh! I really screwed up. I forgot to pimp the Bay Area Tribe‘s Sunday event!

Members of the Tribe,

Our next event is here – Nature Walk/Hike and Picnic at Rodeo Beach!!!!

WHEN: Sunday, August 13th @ 12 Noon.

We’ll start the afternoon with a relaxed 4 mile hike — taking us on a
loop trail that offers magnificent views, surfers in the water and old
WWII bunkers. The hike will be very mild and no hiking experience or
level of fitness is required.

After the hike we will have a picnic on the beach (see below for more
info on this).

For those who’ve never been, Rodeo Beach is a large, picturesque beach
located at the westernmost edge of the Marin Headlands. The picnic
area is adjacent to the parking lot and has a view of Rodeo Beach.

So come on out and have a fun day at the beach with the Tribe!


3 Responses to “Yo Oyster, where the party at?”

  1. Dina said

    I gotta love being the poster child for Second Saturday, because I really am! And it’s very rare for me to miss it, glad you’re promoting it too!
    ~ Dina

  2. Oyster said

    Dina! Hey, great to have you here! 🙂

    Dina, in case y’all are curious, is the owner of that set of lips in the image above. I’m more than happy to pimp the Second Saturday here, since its a tight party. But just to help Dina out, she’s doing amazing work up in SF, mobilizing the Russkies into the “Russian Division”. 😉 Keep up the good work!

  3. […] praised ‘Second Saturday’ in the past for being the Bay Area’s premier scene for young adults. With 200+ Jews turning out to the […]

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