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A Messsage from your Jewish (or Otherwise Worried) Mother…

Posted by shiduri on August 17, 2006


You all hopefully know about wearing clean underwear every day because – G’d forbid, ptu ptu ptu — you are ever in an accident and the paramedics see you with skid marks on your skivvies… but have you heard about ICE?

A British paramedic came up with this potentially crucial concept: Put your cellphone on ICE (In Case of Emergency) — Add a new ‘contact’ to your cell (ICE) and list the number of who you want called if — Again, G’d forbid ptu ptu ptu — you are ever unconscious when you ‘meet’ the Paramedics.



4 Responses to “A Messsage from your Jewish (or Otherwise Worried) Mother…”

  1. Thanks for putting that up, Shiduri! Although I always thought it was tfu tfu tfu. I guess we’ll leave the tie breaking up to our readers, or Oyster.

  2. On that, I recently saw a play in New York, ‘Jewtopia.’ It was hillarious and if any of you are ever in the area I highly recommend it. It’s off Broadway and they have student tickets at half price. It’s about a non-Jew who wants to marry a Jewish girl so that he never has to make another decision in his life. In one of the scenes, he’s talking to his Jewish friend about what he loves about the Jewish people.
    “I love that when there’s a tornado in… Indiana, your family calls to make sure you’re ok.”
    “You live in Manhattan!”
    *any of you with relatives outside California can attest to frantic calls wondering if you’re ok whenever there’s an earthquake in Southern California.
    “And I love that whenever any of you fly anywhere, you all e-mail each other your flight information.”
    “Because you never know! You never know!”
    My cousin and I were on the ground laughing at this point because that describes our family exactly. So when I got back home, I was telling my mom and my sister about the play after they picked me up from the airport and I mentioned the scene about e-mailing flight information and both my mom and my sister go “OF COURSE! BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW!” *except in Russian. They were actually quite angry that anyone was making a joke out of such a serious issue and I got lectured on the subject the rest of the way home.

  3. Oyster said

    I’d vote for exclaiming very loudly, “Keyn aynhoreh!” 🙂

  4. Oyster said

    Good, servers you right, ALAT. You got lectured by your two Jewish muthas. :-p

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