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‘J Weekly’ Publishes Story on Oy Bay!

Posted by Oyster on August 17, 2006

J Weekly bloggingWoo-hoo! We’ve made the big-time now, baby!

I was actually interviewed for this article in the J Weekly a few weeks ago, but the war with Lebanon delayed the coverage. I’m very pleased with it, thank you Amanda! 🙂 ALilyAmongThorns correctly pointed out that it’s an article more about me (the print-edition sports a portrait shot of the Oyster himself), than about the blog’s content (and here I am, the guy who criticizes the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” for being less of a persuasive movie about climate change and more like “The Al-Gore Show”). A few things I would correct, though:

  • My full quote relating to my parents was something to the effect of “my parents were observant for Israelis”. :-p I don’t believe either of my parents would describe themselves as “dati“; Hebrew for “religiously observant”.
  • Just to be clear, Oy-Bay.org is targeted towards the young Jewish Bay Area (or the young-minded). All are welcome, but we are selective in the topics we post on.
  • The article doesn’t mention my time in BBYO throughout high school. I’d say that my time in CRW AZA (specifically, Dr. Theodor ‘Seuss’ Geisel AZA #195!) has been the single-most positive and influential Jewish experience in my life.
  • To clarify, I’d like to start a Moishe House, or similar project, in the South Bay. I cannot take any credit for the amazing work going on at the SF Moishe House.

Here’s some more background on the creation of Oy Bay! I’ve been dreaming of such a project for a while now, as you can read in the ‘About Us‘ page. As I read Jewlicious and JewSchool more & more, I become more familiar and comfortable with the blogging style of writing, and how one maintains a well-functioning site. And especially after attending the Jewlicious @ the Beach, 2.0 conference at the Long Beach Hillel, I became determined that my idea should be implemented. It took me a while to get it going, but now it’s up! In the mean time, the J Weekly published a front-page piece on Jewish blogging (“People of the Blog: Kvelling and kvetching with Web diaries”) and its presence (or lack thereof) in the Bay Area. Oh yeah, and I’m actively trying to prove Sarah Lefton wrong. 😉 It’s also a really good introductory piece for y’all who are new to this Jewish blogging stuff to read. Oy Bay! finally went live roughly a month later. 🙂

I’d love to hear from all of you out there in Oy-Bay-land about your thoughts on the article, and on our humble site. Please, don’t be shy! Express your legendary two opinions! Comment!


10 Responses to “‘J Weekly’ Publishes Story on Oy Bay!”

  1. My corrections to your corrections:
    – stop pretending your parents were’t Orthodox! I know that juice watering down is an Orthodox ploy to make more juice!
    – What about the Jewish-minded? Did you forget about them? And what about the anti Jewish-minded at that? Don’t they deserve a creative place to talk about their anti-Judaism? Oh wait, there’s jewwatch.com… I shall correct my own corrections to your corrections of the newspaper which was originally correct when it incorrectly quoted you because we all know that people only “correct” newspapers because they changed their own minds about what they should have said in the first place. Just standing up for my people (that is, journalists)
    – Dr. Seuss sucks! go JSZ woooooo!
    – Sorry, but oysters don’t mix with a kosher house.
    Hahaha but seriously, congratulations on the article (and it’s still great if it was about you because you deserve it). May it bring lots more visitors and success to the site!

  2. shiduri said

    🙂 yay oyster 🙂

  3. G-D SQUAD said

    T-man: Wow, yasher koach! That article could perfectly have fit a description of the JewniProj if it was focusing on Jewish life in Santa Cruz. Anyway, it looks like it’s only going to get better for you guys from here on out, especially with Tishrei right around the corner. Yep, you’re really doing a great thing, and I am impressed with how this blog has developed the last couple months. And I heard that you might be getting a new contributor? Exciting stuff.

  4. Oyster said

    Todah rabah, G-D SQUAD! The Jewnification Project, being right next door, was a constant source of inspiration for me when I started working on Oy Bay. We currently have three authors including myself, and we’re looking for more. If you or anyone else at the JewniProj want to write for us, you are more than welcome! In fact, I admire how the JewniProj is truly a group-blog.

    We should definitely think of having a “Bay Area Jewish Bloggers” confab, and get together over drinks or something. :-p

  5. G-D SQUAD said

    The JewishBloggersdrinks thing sounds cool, but you see how hard it is sometimes to get Santa Cruzers out of Santa Cruz and into the north bay… not to mention the fact that some of our best bloggers from last year are now in Israel or New York…

  6. Oyster said

    GS: Yeah, is there something y’all dread about going over the Hill (Hwy 17)? And we’re not ‘North Bay’, thank you very much! :-p You can just chill with us in the South Bay sometime. But yeah, I definitely would like to arrange a meet-up, perhaps in the City?

    Sounds like you’ll need to recruit a new crop of Jewnifying Yids down at Uncle Charlie’s Summer Camp. :-p

  7. So proud. Can you feel the other-coasterly kvelling?

  8. rabbiyonah said

    Mazel tov! What Nachas! Thank you for this great peice and keep doing what you are doing, because it seems that it needs to be done.

  9. sarah said

    hahaha go ahead and prove me wrong. it’s not as if i’m some blogging expert anyway. i would be thrilled to be wrong. 🙂 go on tomer!!!

  10. Oyster said

    EDK: If you can’t hear it, Oy Bay is singing ‘Yiddishe Mama’ to ‘JDaters Anonymous’ and ‘My Urban Kvetch’. 😉

    Jewliciouser Rebbe: Todah raba, Rabbi! Thanks for the convention that launched a thousand blogs. You’re an inspiration to us all.

    Sarah: I’m getting there, Sarah! Three contributing writers Oy Bay, aside from myself, who are not orthodox! Yet their interest in Jewish life is infectious. If you want to foil my nefarious plan, you could always join the crew… 🙂

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