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Zionist breast implants save Israeli

Posted by Oyster on August 17, 2006

IDF to require similiar ‘up-armoring’ to all necessary Israeli women.

One up-armored Israeli in the coastal city of Nahariyah narrowly escaped death, when her enlarged chest stopped shrapnel from a Katyusha missile explosion just a few inches from her heart.

Nasrallah vows, “that no breasts, no matter how large, will make the big-breasted busty Zionist Entity [Ed.: ‘Israel’] safe”.

The Finance Ministry does not predict too much additional inflation of budget expenses, due to already-installed units in the field, and an over-supply of hummus for natural armor expansion.

Esti Mamo Israeli modelIt is unclear whether Israeli model Esti Mamo (Ethiopian Jewess) would require said up-armoring.


4 Responses to “Zionist breast implants save Israeli”

  1. Oyster said

    Seriously though… a sincere refuah shlei’mah to the injured woman; may she heal well and her recovery be fast!

  2. shiduri said

    now, the anti-semitic world will say breast implants are a jewish conspiracy 🙂 good times ahead.

  3. chuckles said


  4. Oyster said

    Chuckles, I’m sure your sentiments are shared by our Israeli brethren, both men & women alike.

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