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Shabbat Shalom!

Posted by Oyster on August 18, 2006

A good omen to end the week with. Shalom Aleichem, kind readers of Oy Bay!

Visitors Week 613

I received an email from our Site Meter account, showing us some visitor statistics for this week. And lo & behold, 613 visitors this week! I’m a believer in Gematria, and I see this as a good sign. 🙂 Baruch HaShem! 🙂


6 Responses to “Shabbat Shalom!”

  1. Oyster said

    As a side note, there seems to be a significant discrepancy between the statistics that our WordPress account collects, and the one from Site Meter. In general the WordPress visitor count tends to be double that for the Site Meter account. Weird.

  2. G-D SQUAD said

    Hahaha. That’s so cool. Def. hashgacha pratis.

  3. Nachum said

    613 maybe more than you think, maybe its a message to act…

    The tzitzit (knotted fringes) of the tallit (prayer shawl) are tied to the 613 commands by interpretation: a principal Torah commentator, Rashi, bases the number of knots on a gematria: the word tzitzit (Hebrew: ציצת (Biblical), ציצית, in its Mishnaic spelling) has the value 600. Each tassel has eight threads (when doubled over) and five sets of knots, totalling 13. The sum of all numbers is 613, traditionally the number of mitzvot (commandments) in the Torah. This reflects the concept that donning a garment with tzitzit reminds its wearer of all Torah commandments.

    maybe its time to get a pair…

  4. Oyster said

    G-D SQUAD: Thank you for teaching me a new Yeshivish phrase. :-p

    Nachum: I have a tallit, and I am trying to get into the habit of davening daily. Slowly, slowly…

  5. Mazal tov indeed: as 6/13 is also the birthday of Esther, Laya and our regular commenter Chutzpah.

  6. Oyster said

    … and is the birthday of R3…

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