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SF Giants Jewish Heritage Night!

Posted by Oyster on August 22, 2006

Jew'ants SVYAD

In the interest of full disclosure, I hate baseball. Though I grew up here, my parents are Israeli. Enough said. But despite that, I love Jews. Lots of Jews. Big swarming, teeming gazillions of Jews hither & thither. And the Giants Jewish Heritage Night event promises just that, so I am, of course, so there. Get in touch with SVYAD or other organizations, and you can join in on the fun! 🙂 Oyster (that’s me) of Oy Bay will be there with the SVYAD crew. I’ll be the one in the “Yo Semite” t-shirt and an old-shul Polish hat ($10 to the person who knows the name of that kind of hat. And no, I’m not referring to a shtreimel, R3). If you see me, be sure to Challah back! 😀

Jew'ants Jewish Hat


3 Responses to “SF Giants Jewish Heritage Night!”

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