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SVYAD’s ‘Silicon Valley Connect’: Comin’ Up!

Posted by Oyster on September 5, 2006

SVYAD Connect fall 06

Check out SVYAD for more dope info. It’ll make Jonathan feel like a rockstar. 🙂

Hat-tip to Leya for the graphic & heads-up. 

8 Responses to “SVYAD’s ‘Silicon Valley Connect’: Comin’ Up!”

  1. Leya said

    Hoping to see everyone at Connect. New location with sushi and shmoozing! =)

  2. Oyster said

    I used to think that sushi wasn’t kosher. Well, if the fish is a kosher fish, then it’s fine. Now, my favorite sushi roll is “So-sue-me” 😉

  3. Kashrut Police said

    Fight for your rights! Are you a Jew who wants to be free and kosher? Their will be glatt kosher snacks provided, but Blowfish is certainly not even
    “kosher style”. Should you go anyways? The choice is yours, but I would suggest calling JB and letting your feelings about Kashrut be known….

  4. Oyster said

    You gotta fight! For your right! For Kaaaaaaaaaaaashrut! 🙂

    Or, perhaps you were thinking more along the lines of Schlock Rock’s “Kosher Police”?

    Every Bite You Take, Every Steak You Make
    Every Cake You bake, Every egg you break, We’ll be watching you.

    Every single day, there’s no other way
    It’s gotta be Kosher now, you can all learn how, We’ll be watching you.

    Oh can’t you see O.U. it’s gotta be, Triangle or Chaf K
    There all the proper way.

    Any “red rose”, any type sorbet,
    any cheese souffle, any liver pate, we’ll be watching you.

    Since you’ve gone I cleared out some extra space
    Two sets of dishes are left in there own place
    I looked around one for milk and one for fleish
    By mixing them them you could leave a real bad taste.
    I keep crying separate them please.

    Oh can’t you see O.U. it’s gotta be, B.D. in R.S.A.
    In Montreal M.K.

  5. Kashrut Police said

    I’m all for the OU, but last time I checked triangle K was doubtful :-).

  6. Jonathan Berg said

    Jews and sushi! Who wouldn’t want to come? I hope to see you all there.

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  8. […] This was hands-down the best-SV-Connect-evar. […]

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