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"My heart is in the east, and I in the uttermost west." — Yehudah Ha-Levi

“Hey honey, take a walk on the ‘YLD’ side”

Posted by Oyster on September 11, 2006

Smooth Mondays, 640

With profuse apologies to Lou Reed, but no apologies to the Stiefels for crashing their Shabbos (more on this later). 🙂

In the Oyster’s never-ceasing quest to filter out the pearls from the general sediment and detritus of Jewish life here in the murky bay waters of Galut, I managed to find a treasure-trove over at the East Bay Jewish Federation‘s Young Leadership Division. Avast, mate’ys, Jewish booty! Thanks to the stalwart efforts of my groovy-kiruvy friend Lori, I was able to find out about a whole slew of activities that they are putting out. Today they are starting a series of “Smooth Mondays“, where young Jews can come schmooze with booze at some swanky Oakland joints. Give a big-up to my man Yoni M. when you’re there. And, of course, this Sunday, there’s the Picnic Fest; “pack a picnic lunch and enjoy free beer, entertainment, and ice cream,” as they say! I’m going to stop by after chillin’ at the To Life! Festival in Palo Alto. I love it when Federations plan their huge festivals on the same day at the same time… 🙄 And all of this is up on the calendar, so keep checking it for upcoming events!
Picnic Fest 01

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  1. […] recall her performance at the To Life! Festival last year, and I remember being impressed both by her musicality and her stage presence (not to mention being […]

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