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"My heart is in the east, and I in the uttermost west." — Yehudah Ha-Levi

“Too bad its not Matzo Ball soup”

Posted by Oyster on September 14, 2006

A man, his kipah, and the situations it gets him into.

As you may or may not know (thanks for outing me, J-Lifer!), I am a kipah-wearing Jew. Now, one of the fringe benefits (aside from a Tallit katan; thats for you, Jake!) of being a kipah-bedecked Jew is that you are outwardly representing your Jewishness to everyone else. This could draw the wrath of Antisemites. On two occasions, men of Arabic extraction yelled at me in Arabic, with strained looks on their faces, while waving their arms about. Now, to be fair, I have no clue what they were saying. They could have been telling me that I smell of roses and that they’d like me to meet their daughters, for all that I know. But I transgress digress (R. Kaye!). The other side of the coin is that you meet Philosemites. I say that instead of Heebs / Jews / Yiddn / MOTs, because once at a Mountain View night club, in the middle of the packed dance floor, a dude walks up to me with a smile on his face, and says, “I am from Jordan!” Not knowing what to do in such an absurd situation, I embrace him and chat it up with him. An Israeli woman came up to me and asked what I’m doing in a club on Shabbat. “Shabbat’s almost over,” I replied. But I digress yet again! May times Jews come up to me and and say ‘Shalom’, or ‘Shabbat Shalom’, or “Dude, you forgot to take off your yarmulke”. Okay, so I fibbed about that last one. But, mark my words, I am deathly serious about the fact that ‘yarmulke’ looks like a rare Canadian herbivore, not the phonetic ‘yamakah’.

Allow me to regress: So this woman at my work’s cafeteria, that my JewDar gave a reading of negative, who was similarly ladling out some soup informed mey as I peered into one lidded canister that, “that’s chicken noodle”.

“Thanks”, I reply.

“Too bad it’s not Matzo Ball soup”, she offers.

And there you have it, folks. The first time someone at my work approached me to introduce themselves because they were Jewish, and they pegged me for one of their tribesmen. We kibbitzed some more about High Holy Days, and then we parted ways to queue up for the check-out line.


One Response to ““Too bad its not Matzo Ball soup””

  1. intracoastalbob said

    Shabbat Shalom!…and may you have enjoyed this time of “Light” and dedication…a great miricle did indeed happen there on 26 Kislev. Messiah who is Light came into a dark world and began the building of His Temple…The cornerstone the builders rejected has become the capstone… our Moshiach Yeshua!
    May he come soon, yet again for the second time and reign as King of Israel and of the earth for a thousand years on Davids throne.

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