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Jews on NPR: Pat Buchanan on ‘Forum’

Posted by Oyster on September 29, 2006


Hey all, this is a new feature. I’m going to try to write something on a regular basis when I hear something related to Jews on NPR. So here’s what I’ve heard today, on the San Francisco – KQED produced ‘Forum‘ show; usually with Jewish ‘intellectual’ Michael Krasny as the host. I put that in single-quotes, because one time, as eloquent as he can be, and as well-read, and as rich a vernacular as he utilizes, he once uttered ‘brain fart’ on the air in reference to something he said, and I lost all respect for the man (even though he’s a MOT).

But I transgress digress…

So the first hour featured Dan Schnur, who has helped out the Berkeley IAC in the past with our pro-Israel activism ‘strategery’. But that’s not so important. In the second hour, he had on Pat Buchanan. Now Buchanan spoke about his views on the Neo-Cons, liberals, the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, on Terror, and immigration, which is the subject of his latest book. As a lightning rod, I was expecting for the call-ins to be interesting.

First, we had a woman who said that her father was from Russia, and stated that she’s Jewish, and that she was for immigration because of the opportunities it afforded her family.

Next caller, some mumbling Arab dude who pretty much stated that, “I came to USA, studied, made money; and the Jews control USA! They make war and they love Israel!” People who hate Israel know that they can get Buchanan to talk to that subject if they prompt him; he has a record of being anti-Jewish / anti-Israel.

He segued from here to talk about dual-citizenship, using American Jews as an example, but saying that it’s a broader problem with several countries. He brought out the old canard of ‘dual-loyalty’. So, its a crime to love one’s homeland? Okay, Mr. Catholic, do you know what would happen in this country if the US government threatened to imminently bomb the Vatican? There would be blood in the streets, that’s what would happen. How is that for dual-loyalty?

Finally, he used the term ‘Palestine’ to refer to the land between the river and the sea in the Levant, on the topic of multi-ethnic areas in the world that later split apart. Not only is the analogy flawed, but his terminology is incorrect. ‘Palestine’, as defined by the US State Department, refers to a future independent Palestinian state roughly located in the West Bank and Gaza (precise borders to be determined). The other excepted definition on their books is to refer to the British Mandate of Palestine. Yes, so that rankled my Zionist sensibilities.

You can listen to the broadcast here.

Hat-tip to YRH, for the swift kick in the tuchus. 🙂


7 Responses to “Jews on NPR: Pat Buchanan on ‘Forum’”

  1. […] On the way to work the other morning I was listening to Forum, and they had on this sociologist named Amitai Etzioni. As soon as I heard his name, I was, like, “Jew! Israeli! What what!!” Cool, I thought. […]

  2. jim martin said

    “I’m going to write something when I hear something related to Jews on NPR…” You’ll be needing carpel tunnel treatments. Although Jews are less than 5% of the US population, “National” Public Radio is ridiculously over-represented by Jewish reporters and stories related to Israel and Jewish affairs in the US. I am not happy about my tax dollars supporting yet another media megaphone for the loudmouth Jewish chatterbox class.

  3. Oyster said

    So move to another country, Jimmy. Like Austria. All the yodelling, lederhosen, and Antisemitism that you could possibly want.

  4. Barach Malmstein said

    We need to invoke the “Noahide” laws against the Revelation 2:9 / 3:9 yids. Sort of a what’s good for the “goy” is good for the yid, kinda deal?

  5. Oyster said

    Not sure what you’re saying, BM. Have you considered being a liaison between the Barack administration and the religious right?

    Seriously, though. I’ve always found the idea of the Noahide Laws to be an interesting gauge, from the Jewish perspective, on the morality of a culture. But I think it is unlikely that Jewish people will be effective in overtly promoting them.

    Some argue that Judaism, in being co-opt’ed by Christianity & Islam, purged much of the world of paganism, thus promoting the spread of the Noahide Laws. Huh, go figure.

  6. The dude said

    I listen to NPR all the time and I’m a fan. Because I listen all the time, I can’t help but notice how jewish the station is. Quite honestly, I’m astonished by how practically all the people interviewed are jewish. Why is this? If it’s a channel for the jewish, call it that. If its a channel for liberals (which clearly it is), call it that. Please stop saying you are National Public Radio. You clearly are catering to a certain group and you should at least change your name so that your views are reflected properly. The name NPR suggests that the station is for everyone, when clearly it is not.

  7. Attila said

    Jews (mostly women) interviewing Jews (mostly women) and talking about other Jews (mostly women) — that’s NPR in a nutshell.

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