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Female ‘Alex’ of “Everything Is Illuminated” on JDate

Posted by Oyster on October 4, 2006

Everything Is Illuminated AlexOyster finds premium profile on JDate

OMG-d. Couldn’t stop laughing when I read this:

It can will look not modestly, but I shall tell. I the cheerful person. Certainly, there are moments when becomes sad and lonely. But it seems to me, that it is wrong. Always it is necessary to look forward. And let it pass, that was up to… As all people I work, but in breaks between work I try to have time to conduct a life. In the mornings I run or I am engaged in gymnastics. Sometimes I go to float and ski. I very much want to find the person with whom I can carry out all life. I believe in love and I know, that it exists. I love pets and I have fine cat. When it happens me sadly, it brightens up my loneliness. Also I love all new and unusual. There is nothing better acquaintance to the new person. Earlier I had dream to jump off with a parachute, but unfortunately it and was failed. Now I wish to find loved and unique the man. This very big happiness.

Probably, I not such as all. I always would like to have near to myself loving, careful person. The person on whom it is possible to rely in all which never will betray you which can listen to you a difficult minute. The person with whom it is possible to walk under stars in August nights. To him should the romantic moments in our relations like. But the main thing, that I appreciate in men and in people in general is a honesty, an openness and sincerity. It should be first of all that person to whom I can trust. He should be very attentive to close people. I very much would like to find the man with which I can create the finest family on light.

I read the book a while ago, but I have yet to see the film. It is all at once a hilarious and chillingly tragic Jewish story. Anyone want to watch it with me?


8 Responses to “Female ‘Alex’ of “Everything Is Illuminated” on JDate”

  1. BlogEema said

    Film was great. Very different from the book, but both were really good, which is unusual. Would love to see it with you but sadly, I’m remote.

    And even more sadly, there are plenty of other ones which are equally unintelligible, or are even worse. Did this one come with the picture of Eugene? Because if not, it’s likely that this is just the way the person writes…oy.

  2. Oyster said

    Alas, BlogEema, this was the rigid engraving. I not dig putting any more information or pictures, to escape spleening (or dubbing) the female. The picture was one I procured off computer web.

  3. mishgolden said

    In places (at least), it looks like the result of one of those automatic translations you can get on various websites (from Russian here) — it takes a word at a time and translates litarally; hence this sort of butchery.

  4. Dina said

    Are you making fun of my people?? 😉 Movie is good, you should see it, but again, don’t expect it to be like the book. I cannot watch it with you because one time was painful enough.

  5. Oyster said

    Mish: I agree. Will someone please put a fish in her ear?

    Dina: If by my people you mean Jews or Russians, no. I really dig Russians, like Rasputin. And I am Jew. If by people you mean woman, then, well… yes. :-p

  6. mishgolden said

    Oyster — good one! (though I must admit I was slow in getting the Douglas Adams allusion)

  7. Oyster said

    No worries, but using the fish is no longer limited to Hitchhikers! 🙂

    And for the Jewish spin: what do the terms ‘Babel fish’ and ‘babble’ have as their root/source? The Tower of Babel from the Torah (Genesis/Beresheet 11:1-9).

  8. Oyster said

    Blog Eema, I just saw the film. 😦 I’m not totally happy with the adaptation. They not only reinterpreted scenes, but changed critical plot-points that don’t make sense to me. I’ll have to write a more comprehensive post later.

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