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SVYAD’s September “Silicon Valley Connect” Follow-up

Posted by Oyster on October 4, 2006

SV Connect SVYAD September
This was hands-down the best-SV-Connect-evar.

What made it so good? It was held at a real bar, where we had reserved a bunch of lounge seats nearby. The music was goin’ and the drinks were flowin’. A larger-than-usual turn-out, and all of us crammed into a tight space, and Jonathan the Rockstar at SVYAD had the kosher sushi comin’ all night. Kudos to JB and Leya for planning a bomb event. If they stick to this format, SV Connect will really take off and become a huge success. Here’s to 100 people this month!! 🙂

The SVYAD pages have some of my pictures up. Whomever re-sized them butchered them; 20 lashes with either PhotoShop or the GIMP! And they gave me no photo credits. Bastids. That’s it, JB, you lose your rockstar status. Now they’re up. 🙂 You’ve now regained your rockstaredness.


3 Responses to “SVYAD’s September “Silicon Valley Connect” Follow-up”

  1. Jonathan Berg said

    But I like being a rockstar. 😦

  2. Oyster said

    Lemme know when C. takes a look at the page, and then I’ll see what I can do. :-p

  3. […] SVYAD is proud to present: Silicon Valley Connect! […]

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