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Red Alert! New Bay Area Kosher Eatery!

Posted by Oyster on October 11, 2006

Yisroel SF NY Style Deli

S.F. New York Deli

5 Embarcadero Center

San Francisco, CA 94111

This address brought to you by Yael.

The J Weekly alerted me about this development a week ago (thanks Alona!), but the news has spread like wild fire! There’s a new kosher eatery in the Bay Area. It’s in the Embarcadero Center, in the Financial District of San Francisco. They serve NY-style dishes, like pastrami sandwiches, knishes, hot dogs, and some treasured beverage (upon which the excitement is lost to me) known solely as “Dr. Brown’s Soda“. This is big news, because even though there are a lot of Jews in the Bay Area, there aren’t many kosher establishments, such as restaurants or butcher shops. How kosher are they? Well, aside from having one of them work as a mashgiakh (As they taught me at the Berkeley Chabad Student Center: “We Want Mashgiakh Now!”) with the Va’ad Hakashrus, they have all studied Torah and even have a sukkah outside their shop for Sukkot!

The one thing that confused me about Joe Eshekazi’s article (hi Joe!) is how is it that three ‘deeply religious’ Chabadniks (who run the joint) don’t wear a kipah, yet they don tefilin? That just doesn’t jive with me. My bad. They do wear kippot. Read the comments for the whole megillah.
Blogger, shmata-maven, and the one-woman Mission Minyan ‘Sisterhood’ of Sarah posted up a neat picture and story over at JewSchool. I shamelessly stole her picture of the new restaurant from there. You hear that Sarah? No shame here!

Other Bay Area kosher establishments:

Oh yeah. And DK? I caught your reference to EV’s gross drawing. 🙂

Please leave a comment and let me know if there’s another kosher establishment that I left off the list.


23 Responses to “Red Alert! New Bay Area Kosher Eatery!”

  1. Yael said

    This is great! Thanx for posting this!!! I am looking forward to heading up there sometime for some good kosher meat!

  2. Oyster said

    No problem! The pastrami sandwich sounds huge, but mouth-watering! :-p

  3. Yael said

    You should put their address right in the post for easy access 🙂

  4. laurita said

    yum, hot dogs. any change it’s vegetarian friendly?

  5. Oyster said

    Okay, Yael. As you like it. Happy? 🙂

    Laurita: I’m sure you can bring along some zesty soy-sages for them to put in the bun for ya. 🙂

  6. DK said

    Glad you got that! It was a bit insider, and kinda gross, but it was so there for the taking.

  7. Oyster said

    Hehe, I agree! Kudos for your clever association. 🙂

    And thanks for the link!

  8. Laura R said

    You forgot my house! All the kosher vegetarian food (ie: frozen vegie burgers) you want!

  9. Oyster said

    Hehe, are you tempting me to a) come over for a bite, or b) post up your address for everyone else? :-p

  10. EV said

    What’s so gross about a self-portrait ? Surely you’ve seen worse.

  11. dave said

    thats cool I will be sure to check it out next time I’m in the bay area. Which wont be for a while.

  12. Oyster said

    Dave: If experience is any guide, then get your tuchus over here soon! Kosher establishments seem to be all too fleeting. I hope the SF NY Deli is around forever, B”H, but jus’ sayin’…

    Perhaps you can order a huge pastrami sandwich, and get it Fed-Ex’ed?

  13. Katie said

    I’ve met these guys, They were kippahs, I’m confused. What’s the menu like price wise?

  14. Oyster said

    Katie: Yeah, Joe has some explainin’ to do. 🙂 Could this be considered Lashon HaRah, since the article states that they don’t wear kippot as observant Jews?

    As for the price, I dunno. Everyone seems to be of the opinion, “Price, shmice; it’s good NY-style glatt kosher food!” :-p

  15. dave said

    If possible I will consider it. But you would have to promise me you will send me a videotape of when the empolyee asking the Fed-Ex clerk to over night a pastrami sandwich. That would be funny. lol

  16. Kosher Police said

    House of Bagels is definately NOT kosher. Just FYI

  17. Oyster said

    Dave: Consider it on YouTube. :-p

    KP: Are you referring to the chain in general, or to the particular store in SF that I link to?

  18. G-D SQUAD said

    Greetings, Tomer! So, as far as the wearig kippot, they definitely do. These are Chabad mashgichim… and in fact, if you re-read the eskenazi article, you’ll see that you mis-read it, not that Joe says that they don’t wear kippot. Let me break it down: “They [sic] young restaurateurs, incidentally, don’t don kippahs and beards and lay tefillin for show. All three are deeply religious…”

    Joe is not saying “they don’t don kippahs,” but is, in fact, saying, “they don’t (just) don kippahs for show,” like, it’s the real deal. So just so you don’t confuse your readers, you might want to edit your post. Keep up the great work though, the blog is looking great.

  19. Oyster said

    Heya Uriel! Wow, I see it now. I totally mis-parsed that. Darn you, Joe! 🙂

    I definitely will go and edit my post, I really don’t want to be misrepresenting these mentsches as anything but the nice Yiddishe boychiks that they are.

    And thanks for your kind words on the site. You’re welcome to join Oy Bay whenever you like, buddy. 🙂

  20. G-D SQUAD said

    Wow, thanks man, I would really be honored. Maybe when I get back to the Bay… we’ll see.

  21. dave said

    Which one is closest to monster park, I’m going to swing by when I see the 49ers play. No doubt 49ers will probably lose, but at least I support them.

  22. Oy Bay! said

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