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SV Connect tomorrow! Jews, drinks, and glatt-kosher sushi!

Posted by Oyster on October 18, 2006

Blowfish sushi

SVYAD is proud to present: Silicon Valley Connect!

Cocktails and sushi appetizers.
$10 includes sushi and edamame appetizers. Glatt kosher snacks will be served. JO and I can certify that every lung and internal organ of those edamames were inspected with an electron microscope to ensure nothing but glatt-kosher goodness.

WHO: A bunch of Jew-type people. You know, with Jew-claw.

WHEN: Wednesdays,
October 18th 6:30-8:30pm and
November 15th 6:30-8:30pm

WHERE: Blowfish Sushi at Santana Row.
RSVP: svyad @ jvalley.org (do it; it will make JB feel like a rockstar!)


8 Responses to “SV Connect tomorrow! Jews, drinks, and glatt-kosher sushi!”

  1. Kosher Police said

    JO and Oyster should do their homework, cause last I checked, Blowfish wasn’t on the kosher radar. Please check with Berg before eating any of those scrumptious fishies, are they all really “glatt”? PS Do you know what “glatt” means SVYAD?

  2. Oyster said

    KP: Dude, first off, you can trust a guy named ‘Oyster’ to make sure that this joint is glatt kosher, mmm’kay? 😉

    Seriously though. I’m not sure if the glatt kosher snacks will be brought in separately for those who wish to eat it, or if this is a mistake. The Federation has a ‘glatt kosher’ policy, but you’re right. Most non-Orthodox Jews don’t have a strong understanding of what ‘glatt’ kosher is (hint: it involves examining the lungs of the animals you slaughter. Biology hint: fish don’t got no lungs!).

    I definitely invite everyone with such particular questions to talk to JB at SVYAD. Use the RSVP email. It helps if you address him as, “Your Rockstaredness, …” :-p

  3. Jonathan Berg said

    Yes, there will be separate glatt kosher snacks brought in.

  4. G-D SQUAD said

    “Glatt-kosher sushi”?? The term “glatt” (lit. “smooth”) refers to the smooth inner lining of a mammal’s lung after it has been shechted (assuming that it is, in fact, glatt). What the heck does “glatt-kosher sushi” even mean?

    Either way, sounds like a cool event. I miss sushi.

  5. Oyster said

    G-D SQUAD: Yes, there has been some general confusion surrounding the kosher status of this event. Note my sarcasm in inspecting the lungs of the edamames? :-p Here are my findings:

    * the sushi ordered does not include treif species of fish (eel, crab, etc.)
    * the edamames and the utensils used in the preparation of the sushi ordered is most likely contaminated with treif species.
    * there WERE glatt-kosher snacks. Now, that term is not precise, since these snacks did not include any meat. They were chocolate cookies and peanut-butter pretzel thingees. So, OU kosher, but not really ‘glatt-kosher’.

    Not to be overly critical, but I don’t think the majority of the SVYAD board has a feel for the subtle distinctions between treif, kosher, and glatt-kosher.

    And why should you miss sushi? You can literally “roll your own” in a kosher kitchen. Yum! Makes a fun dinner-party. 🙂

  6. G-D SQUAD said

    because now I’m in yeshiva in Jerusalem and they lock the kitchen, and we’re a little too far away from the ocean to have good-quality, reasonably-priced sushi. 😦

    but, on the bright side, i’m having the best time of my life. 😉

    and, just for general educational purposes, just because something has an OU heksher, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s “glatt-kosher.” I’m sure you’re privy to the whole chalav yisroel debate (some would say there is nothing to debate about, others would debate that). There are many things that have an OU heksher that many people who keep kosher would not eat, and might not even consider it kosher for themselves. But these are mostly technicalities and the SVYAD board probably has other, more pressing issues.

  7. Esther said

    Thanks to G-d Squad, I’m not sure I want to eat glatt-kosher anything anymore…

    But I do wish I could come to this event. Sounds delish…

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