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This Sunday: Nosh with the KugelPlex!

Posted by Oyster on October 20, 2006

Kugelplex kugel klezmer Sauls diner 440

A nice tid-bit came my way by way of Jen’s List. There’s a young klezmer fusion group called (wait for it): KugelPlex! Now, don’t mix this up with the fortified compound where some of my friends work. Oh, and I’m pretty sure that this photo is taken at David’s Delicatessen, a kosher(-style?) New York deli in San Francisco; right across from the ACT theater. Their knishes are delicious! If you ever want to eat NY/kosher style food, and read a manifesto on the soul and joy of Jewish cuisine (David obviously is very passionate about it, and has been thinking about it for a while), this is your place. But I transgress digress… here’s what they’re promoting:

Come rock out with us every Sunday at the Revolution Cafe (3248 22nd
St, San Francisco
) for our new, weekly Klezmer brunch! The Revolution
is a great cafe with indoor and outdoor seating, right in the heart of
the Mission. And to top it off, we’re serving up great kugel — not
sure if you can even get good noodle kugel anywhere else in SF…

12pm-3pm, every Sunday.

If I’m ever up in the Mission ’round then on a Sunday, you know I’ll be there, doin’ some crazy Jew-dancin’ or stuffing my face full of kugel.

One Response to “This Sunday: Nosh with the KugelPlex!”

  1. Alex said

    This entry in the calendar should have been removed long time ago. The events described as
    “every Sunday at the Revolution Cafe (3248 22nd St, San Francisco)”
    stopped long time ago.

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