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Homicidal Palestinian: Will Oy Bay be my Friend?

Posted by Oyster on October 24, 2006

Patriarch MySpace 440

Silly Palestinian-that-wants-to-kill-people, I won’t add you as Oy Bay’s friend!

You see, last semester at San Jose State University, some “We Hate Israel” group invited Hatem “I Hate ’em” Bazian and Amir Abdul Malik Ali to announce their solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict: a one-state solution. Hate’em wanted a single bi-national democratic (in the sense that Jews will be second-class citizens) state, and AAMA wanted a single Shari’a Law Muslim Caliphate state. At least the Israel-haters agree on something… but I transgress digress. The Israel love-fest was opened up by this hip-hop dude named “Patriarch”, who was all up & representin’ his Palestinian ‘riders’. I take it from his stage-name that he’s a Christian Arab Palestinian (let’s just call them CAPs). In one of his ‘raps’, Patriarch says, “Why do they all hate us… / So I grab my AK[-47] / And I start to spray”. Nice! I don’t understand why people don’t like me, so I’m gonna shoot them. Thank you Patriarch, for so eloquently explaining the Palestinian mind-set. He also had lyrics praising Sheikh Yassin, the muslim martyr master-mind. Question for you, ‘Patriarch’: why are Christian Arabs disappearing from the Middle East? I’ll give you a clue, it isn’t Israel…

So yeah. Tough cookies. I won’t add you as a friend.

During AAMA‘s talk, he started goading for all the “Zionist Israeli spies” to take out their cameras and tape-recorders. So I did. I took out my camera and started recording his speech. Then, one of his big black-cloaked body-guards (which were positioned menacingly throughout the room), approached me and demanded that I give him my camera. I said, “But AAMA told me to!” 🙂 So I just put it away and the meat-helmet walked away. I’ll post up the few pictures of AAMA that I did get later.

Sounds like the same Suleiman “Regency” Hyatt that hijacked a microphone at a Jewish & Israeli Friends event at De Anza has another delectable morsel in store for us today at SJSU. They’ll be listening to Yehuda Shaul of Break the Silence. I hope it ends up like when the Students for Justice in Palestine invited Israeli “Revisionist” historian Benny Morris to Cal, and he refused to denounce Israel, and SJP ended up shouting him down. 🙂


8 Responses to “Homicidal Palestinian: Will Oy Bay be my Friend?”

  1. Noah Morejews said

    I don’t understand what you have against evil henchmen.

  2. Oyster said

    NM: I find nothing funny about your name, NM. Har-de-har-har.

  3. taltalk said

    Omigosh, that MySpace comment is hilarious!

    Very cool. Keep it up.

  4. Oyster said

    NM: Very funny name. Har-de-har-har.

    Tt: Thanks! Nice blog yourself, yo! 🙂

  5. taltalk said

    Thanks OY-ster! (what a kosher name!)

    Feel free to visit every day. i update it a few times a day, as you can probably tell by the dates on the posts. 🙂

  6. Oyster said

    Taltalk: Hey, just as oysters aren’t kosher to eat, neither are humans. 🙂

    My goodness, you really do post a lot. Yasher koakh!

  7. jlifer fo' sho' said

    Taltalk: we’ll show you love cuz you show us love! That’s how it works, and anyway I like the post ’bout people gettin’ their “grrrrr Israel” out. Check back for some Israel action right here in the South Bay, comin’ up as soon as I finish real work.

    NM: Are you related to Rido Yid?

    Oyster: No Jew-love for you!

  8. taltalk said

    jlifer: Thanks for showing love, y’all. I have no plans to be in the states any time soon, so i can’t visit, but let me know if y’all come here.

    Oy-ster – i post a lot cause i care. 🙂 Plus, my thesis is about israeli public diplomacy, as will be my doctorial dissertation.

    keep reading, and obviously i’ll keep reading yours. 🙂

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