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IDF Refusenik mixes it up at San Jose State

Posted by jlifer on October 25, 2006

Israel dominated the San Jose State campus on Tuesday with the group, “More Than One Voice”, directly followed by “Hugh Jew-Man” Yehudah Shaul who was creating and breaking wind silence for more than two hours.

Big man on campus

“One Voice”, a group that purports to be the “voice of the moderate,” spoke first to a Hebrew class, and next to an audience made up of largely ambivalent and uniformed sociology students, who were either forced to attend by their teacher, or enticed with extra credit points.

But the feature show was across campus, where a man was breaking more than just silence. “Big Man” Yehuda Shaul, a former IDF platoon commander, is traveling from campus to campus to show images of Palestinians youths in blindfolds. He should get a tough-as-nails crowd at Stanford, from what I hear.

The group that amassed to hear the large, pony-tailed, kippah-wearing Jew was a mixed crowd of Muslim men and women, your typical leftist airheads and Jewish and Israeli students.

The uninformative images showed pictures of soldiers hangin’ in Palestinian houses watchin’ soccer on TV, Palestinians teenagers being detained and IDF soldiers interacting with children. Although the main man offered no solutions, he spoke in general terms about how the IDF needs to focus on the “human issue” and that occupation is a Very Bad Thing.

Throughout history, occupation “hasn’t brought no security to Israel,” Shaul said, and he thinks Israeli society is “rotten from within.”

And then, enter the pro-Israel voice. Read on!

Rabbi Eitan JuliusLocal hardcore Israel defender and spiritual leader Rabbi Eitan Julius (and former IDF medic) showed up just in time to scold Yehuda like a schoolboy and generally lay the smack down.

“We have to break the silence, yes,” the rabbi boomed. “But nobody’s saying ‘let’s go occupation’ because we’re profiting from it.”

Indeed, inquiring minds wanted to know if, in fact, Israel does have the right to defend itself, and if so, how? (No solutions forthcoming yet from the executive director of BTS.)

Furthermore, is the “only way” to deal with the conflict to “dissolve” Israel, as some members of Students for Democracy have said in the past?

“No,” Shaul said without hesitation.

Then aren’t you being used to further their agenda?

I was cut off at this point, ironically by Mr. Sulaiman “Regency” Hyatt, the Israel-dissolver himself, who conveniently disappeared shortly afterward.


Local Jew-haters Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum (both clad in baseball caps covered in political buttons and both obsessive-compulsive about making sure only those who raise their hands are called on) made their certifiably insane presence known.

One of them went on and on about how the violence in all of Israel escalates when there is obligatory military service, making me think that maybe she has a little love for the Jews after all.

The show ended and the fun began. The crowd got a bit unruly amongst one another, including the rabbi taking the would-be Jew lover head on.

I talked with the event organizer who told me I was “nasty” at first, but we reconciled and had a semi-decent conversation about the general level of ignorance in the student body.

One participant asked Mr. Shaul, “What’s the point?”

He didn’t offer solutions, nor did he inform anyone who was in the gray before, so why does he feel compelled to travel the world and make life generally hard for his people to no avail.

You provide ammunition for these Jew-hating groups.

He said, “these people don’t need ammunition from me,” meaning they are strong in their convictions long before he starts spouting anti-Israel dribble.

True dat, but I still have some questions for Yehuda.


One Response to “IDF Refusenik mixes it up at San Jose State”

  1. Yael said

    yea i saw this guy give an interview on a local news station. I was disgusted by him.

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