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Guster, The Leevees, a good Jewish band? Lo yu’uman!

Posted by jlifer on November 14, 2006

Just for a day

Our intrepid reporter, J-Lifer, braves LA to bring us fresh reports on the General Assembly.

On my visit to Jew-Central L.A., I went to the Music Box to see the Jewish bands the Leevees and Guster perform.

The concert was a reward for Jews who spent the day feeding the homeless, cleaning up the beach and other philanthropic efforts in “Just for a Day.” And it was free for them. Check out the action from one of our blog parents, the Beach Hillel!
The Leevees sang about how crappy lowfat, sodium-free Kugel is, the lack of concensus on how to spell “Channukkah.” The Leevees are on the same label that give rise to Matisyahu, the non-profit for-Jews JDub Records.
Guster wasn’t so much Jewish as… good.

The band was well aware of this, and the band leader Ryan asked the Jew crowd, “Do you even know who we are?” (Truth be told, no, I didn’t know who these guys were, nor did the girl next to me, or the man behind her.)

“They just told us ‘there’s a bunch of Jews and you’re going to play,'” he said.


2 Responses to “Guster, The Leevees, a good Jewish band? Lo yu’uman!”

  1. Esther said

    The concert was great, even though I’m not a fan who’d heard the music before. It’s great to know that this year we have more than just Adam Sandler’s Chanukah Song to keep us company during the Festival of Lights…

  2. […] Guster, The Leevees, a good Jewish band? Lo yu’uman! […]

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