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Bibi to GA: Iran against Israel as first step in world domination

Posted by jlifer on November 16, 2006


Nov. 13, Los Angeles—Benjamin Netanyahu spoke in a somber tone about a looming threat to Israel and the Free World at the General Assembly.

The annual meeting, where top leaders from North American Jewry convene to discuss all things Jewish, was attended by 5,000 people and focused on Israel.

Israel is just a diversionary tactic for Iran’s real mission to “recreate the height of the Muslim empire,” the former Israeli prime minister told GA participants.

“They don’t hate the West because of Israel, they hate Israel because of the West,” he said.

The only solution to divert Iran is to act preemptively, Netanyahu said, which is challenging because it’s impossible to prove what could happen if not dealt with. But Netanyahu warned that Iran has repeatedly called for Israel’s destruction and “no one seems to care.”

Netanyahu likened the situation to 1938 Germany, except with possible nuclear weapons in the mix. He added that Ahmadinejad is using the same tactics of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbles. “Slander and vilify your victim before their slaughter,” Netanyahu cited. “Then habituate everyone to accept the coming destruction.”

Netanyahu said in the ‘90s he warned against Iran arming itself with weapons, but nobody listened, partly because other nations think Iran is only a threat to Israel.

“It’s hard to persuade people of the imminence of the problem,” he said. “They really think it’s a Jewish problem.”

The opposition leader said after destroying Israel, the radical Islamist regime in Iran would seek to reach the Eastern Seaboard with missiles they are currently developing.

Ahmadinejad’s ambitions is to realize a “global program in the service of a mad ideology,” Netanyahu said. Iran is governed by this “wide eyed believer” who believes his purpose on earth is to realize the destiny of the Muslim people as dominating the world, which would mean bringing down Western society.

This means Europe, too, Netanyahu said, even if they don’t realize it.

Not all of Netanyahu’s message was negative. Israel can defeat Hezbollah and Hamas with the right tactics, he said, and Iran can be stopped with “preemptive leadership.” He added that the United States needs to act on its commitment to disallow Iran from its nuclear goals.

Netanyahu invoked the words of Churchill, saying it takes the “gong of self preservation” to break the viscous cycle of history.

But the Holocaust taught us something, he said. “No one will defend the Jews if the Jews do not defend themselves.”


3 Responses to “Bibi to GA: Iran against Israel as first step in world domination”

  1. jlifer fo' sho' said


    You can watch Bibi and Olmert’s speeches.

  2. Oyster said

    Baby, I’m speechless!

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