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Yizkor: Light Shabbat Candles for Hannah Engle, z”l

Posted by Oyster on November 16, 2006

Hannah EngleYizkor, or remembrance, is a powerful concept in Judaism. It is what allows us both to continue on the legacy and tradition of our ancestors till this day, and also to carry on the love, meaning, and connection we have with our loved ones who have gone on to Olam Ha’ba, or ‘the world to come’ (“Heaven”).

A beautiful example of this blessed my inbox yesterday, when a reader of Oy Bay asked me to help in the mitzvah of remembering the life of Hannah Engle, z”l; may her memory be a blessing.

A friend of mine and former Marin native, Hannah Engle (26), was tragically killed in a car accident earlier this year in New York City. Hannah was a passionate Jewish woman who was a light to all who knew her.

In her merit, I’m starting a Shabbat candle lighting Yahoo email group list. Hannah loved Shabbat. I feel that getting others to join in with this mitzvah will be a wonderful merit to Hannah.

She also wrote me about her personal connection to Hannah:

Hannah’s sister is a close friend from Israel. When we were 16, we went to Israel together through a Reform class trip. After the trip, Rebecca, Hannah and I would hang out.


Most recently, Hannah and I got together in Jerusalem (summer 2005) for coffee at Cafe Rimon (Ben Yehuda St) and catching up. It was amazing to see her. She had grown and transformed in such positive ways. She was no longer a little girl; she was a beautiful woman with so much light.


The idea to honor her was because she was a passionate about Shabbat and was always bringing people together for Shabbat.

There are many ways to honor those we love who are no longer with us. Other j-bloggers, like Menachem Mendel and Rabbi Bachman have written moving posts on Hannah’s tragic passing. Hannah’s friends in her UJC FEREP program set up a scholarship for the program in her name. Please join us this Shabbat in an act that can both connect us with this beautiful soul that was taken from us too soon, and to our great loss, as well with generations of Jews spanning the ages. Light Shabbat candles for Hannah Engle, may her memory be a blessing.

Send an email to: hannahcandlelighting-subscribe@yahoogroups.com Follow this link to join the email list.


3 Responses to “Yizkor: Light Shabbat Candles for Hannah Engle, z”l”

  1. Oyster said

    THERE ARE STARS up above,
    So far away we only see their light
    Long, long after the star itself is gone.
    And so it is with people that we loved—
    Their memories keep shining ever brightly
    Though their time with us done.
    But the stars that light up the darkest night,
    These are the lights that guide us.
    As we live our days these are the ways we remember.
    Hannah Senesh

    This is taken from the announcement of the memorial services for Hannah, z”l, found on http://www.hannahengle.com . It is especially poignant for me, since my connection to Jewish Marin is from the girls chapter of my high school youth group (BBYO), named “Hannah Sennesh”. :-/

  2. Oyster said

    This business week blog points out that Hannah still has a profile up on Friendster, and discusses the effect of social networking and blogging when we pass away:


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