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Oy Bay Word-of-the-Day: ‘Jewocracy’

Posted by Oyster on November 27, 2006

No, it’s not the name of the form of government which is run by Jews (like the ZOG?). Its a term referring pejoratively to the state of affairs in many large Jewish organizations. It might be invoked when lamenting the bureaucratic manner (and by that I mean ‘Byzantine’, not ‘orderly’) in which some Jewish orgs function, instead of in a more activist mode. It might be invoked when talking about Jewish orgs collectively, hearkening to the joke about a Jew stuck on a desert island, who upon being rescued, was found to have started 2 synagogues, 3 Jewish newspapers, and 4 various Jewish social organizations…

Jewocracy Jew”ocra*cy

  1. Referring to a Jewish organization that is exhibiting Byzantine tendencies.
  2. Referring to the myriad inter-locking and over-lapping Jewish organizations collectively.

My good friend Gradish (you need custom printed/embroidered t-shirts or hoodies? Then you’re in luck. He’s in the shmata business!) told me that he attributes his use of this term to me. I have no recollection of coining the expression, honestly. But he’s sticking to his story. At a dinner I was invited to recently, my lovely friends told me that they have started using the term amongst the teenagers they advise in their synagogue‘s youth group. And that’s when I realized that this term was beginning to pick up currency, and I thought to myself, “Hot diggity! I got to get out in front of this story! I got to own this word!”

A quick googling seems to show that my word has the most market penetration amongst Antisemites. Too bad that isn’t also bullet penetration. Please, everyone go to work linking to this post! Simply put ‘jewocracy’ on your website, and then hyper-link it to this post! Just like the Joogle-Bomb.

And there you have it, folks. ‘Jewocracy’. Another Oy Bay exclusive. :-p


2 Responses to “Oy Bay Word-of-the-Day: ‘Jewocracy’”

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  2. […] Trademark pending, but Oy Bay gives a royalty-free perpetual license to all non-NOT-MOTs. NOT-MOTs will pay a usurious (tee-hee!) fee. […]

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