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“Hebrew Mamita”: Opening for an Anti-Semite?

Posted by Oyster on December 6, 2006

Vanessa Hidary, Hebrew Mamita Amiri Baraka

Hey Moishers!

Vanessa Hidary: Jewish Hip hop and Slam poetry performer. Check out
this very cool performance this Sunday, December 10th, at the Brava
Theater in the Mission. 7:00pm to 8:45pm.

Here’s the flyer: http://www.jewishresearch.org/events/culturebandit.pdf

When Hidary made her fiery debut last month on HBO’s Def Poetry
series, a national audience got its first glimpse of the “Hebrew
Mamita,” a fixture on the New York spoken-word scene for more than two
years. With impressive showings at poetry slams around the city and a
one-hour, one-woman show entitled “Culture Bandit,” Hidary has found
success in a venue where few like her have made their mark (“Def
Becomes Her — Jewish Girl Goes Hip-Hop” whooped the New York Post).

What’s more? Moishe House can get you a special discounted ticket,
ONLY $10! Don’t miss this great opportunity. RSVP via-email ASAP.

See you there,

Mo-House SF

Most people’s first exposure to Vanessa, whether they realized it or not, was in the amazing 15-minute film (which you can watch for free online) “The Tribe” by Bay Area Jews Tiffany Shlain and Ken Goldberg (a professor at my alma mater). And in that picture with her is Amiri Baraka, the prick who wrote a little ditty blaming the Jews (which he terms “4000 Israelis”, because everyone knows it’s okay to hate Israelis, just not Jews…) for 9/11. He must have been a disciple of Borat. If anyone talks with Vanessa this weekend, ask her about her thoughts on being the opening act for an Antisemite… And its surprising, considering what strong roots she has; she posts pictures of her family in traditional Arabesque garb from when they lived in Aleppo, Syria.

Hat tip, of course, to the Moishe House, SF.

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