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"My heart is in the east, and I in the uttermost west." — Yehudah Ha-Levi

The Iraq Study Group: Rise of the Arabists?

Posted by Oyster on December 6, 2006

On NPR’s Forum program this morning, they were discussing the results of the James Baker-led Iraq Study Group. Now, most friends of Israel were alarmed when it was announced that Baker would be lead the group. He is, after all, the eloquent and affable chap who was caught uttering, “Fuck the Jews; they didn’t vote for us anyway.”

I was incensed when some woman called in and said, “Did the [Study Group] report talk about the US involvement with Israel, and how its dragging us into this mess?”

Umm… you complete imbeciles! What does Sunni and Shi’a muslims ripping at each other’s throats have to do with Israel?

Just because some irrational people proclaim something to be a problem, doesn’t make it their top problem. The top problems in the Muslim world are religious fanaticism, totalitarian governments, economic stagnation, and oppression of minorities. Yes, there ARE minorities in the Middle East, like Assyrians, Kurds, Jews (well, what’s left of them…), Berbers, Christian Arabs, Druze, etc. So just because all of their despots are telling Western diplomats that “our number one problem is the Arab-Israeli conflict!”, doesn’t make it truly the real issue. Just like Hitler’s clamoring for the return of historically German territories, and his insistence that the Jews were the cause of unrest in Europe, had no basis in reality, so too is this finger pointing at Israel as the reason for all of the Arab world’s ills irrational, illogical, and flies in the face of causality.

Question for you illogical Arabists: If the Palestinians and Israel signed a peace treaty tomorrow, how exactly would that fix the problem in Iraq? Would the Sunni and Shi’a militias vying for supremacy become so emotionally overwhelmed by this expression of peace and love, that they’d start dancing and singing together? Snap out of it, you dreamers. There’s no connection.

[UPDATE] Rabbi Yo at Jewlicious posted a great response by Dr. Mitchell Bard. One of these days, I’ll post up my picture with him from Cal.


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