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New (not-Kosher) Cafe at Silicon Valley Family Campus

Posted by Oyster on December 7, 2006

Cafe Tel Aviv

From the Silicon Valley Jewish Federation:

Cafe Tel Aviv has opened for business in the lobby of the Gloria and Ken Levy Family Campus in Los Gatos. The European and Mediterranean style cafe will be open 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., seven days a week. Owner Yair Dror may consider extending the hours if there is interest.

Dror brings 20 years of experience operating delis, restaurants and catering businesses. He ran several businesses in Tel Aviv, Israel and moved to the United States seven years ago. He lives in Sunnyvale.

Currently, Cafe Tel Aviv sells coffee, cakes, sandwhiches, quiches, salads, latkes and other homemade, healthy options. In the coming weeks, Dror says he will expand the offerings to include many surprises, as well as the option of take-home dinners and lunches.

An interesting development! I’ve heard that there have been a few unsuccessful attempts at managing the Levi Family Campus’ “cafe” area, so I’m really hoping that this one pulls through. The stated hours are awesome, but I hope that they are sustainable (the Campus is not exactly in a prime retail location, so people will have to consciously go there). And it is most likely kosher, since the Federation has a “glatt” kosher policy (though, honestly, very few of them know what makes glatt kosher food different than kosher food). Looks like it is not kosher, according to one of Oy Bay’s agents in the field.

IMNSHO, the way to get sustained business is to work with various Jewish groups, including synagogues, and get them to agree to hold a meeting there once every week, or every other week. This will help them get enough people to fill up the space, and order food & drinks. The Campus is not near Los Gatos’ downtown. No one is just going to stroll in randomly for a bite.


4 Responses to “New (not-Kosher) Cafe at Silicon Valley Family Campus”

  1. Laya said

    Why is it that everywhere, including Israel, you can either have Kosher, or have ambiance, but, seemingly, never both?

  2. Oyster said

    Hehe, I’ve never eaten at Cafe Tel Aviv under its current management, but I’ve been to that space before. It’s a dinning area within an office-space type building. So (visual?) ambiance is a bit hard to come by…

    Perhaps there’s a correlation between those who demand kosher dinning and those who have a more conservative view on what their surroundings should be like? Beats me…

  3. Amanda Orrin said

    Not Kosher….the Federation decided to bend from what I’ve heard.

  4. Oyster said

    It was the esteemed Reb Tevye who said, “If I bend anymore, I’ll break…”

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