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ICC Rumble: ZOA and UPZ fight over ‘Breaking the Silence’

Posted by Oyster on December 20, 2006

Big man on campusRemember the dude that came to start trouble at San Jose State? Well, looks like he’s causing a rift amongst Hillel’s Israel Campus Coalition (ICC). The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), spear-headed by the tenacious Morton Klein (I got to tell my story about meeting him sometime), is angry that the Union for Progressive Zionism (UPZ) invited Yehuda over to give the ‘Breaking the Wind Silence” pitch. Could this spell the end of Hillel’s impressive big-tent pro-Israel strategy?

UPDATE: Woo-hoo! We schkooped JewSchool! 🙂

One Response to “ICC Rumble: ZOA and UPZ fight over ‘Breaking the Silence’”

  1. Oyster said

    I just left this comment on the JewSchool post:

    Um, Shaul came to a campus in the Bay Area, and was sponsored on campus not by any Jewish group, but by a Palestinian group that had previously called for Israel to be destroyed. Perhaps he has a good message that is meant to help Israel. But he is just doing his message and movement a disservice by associating himself with those who hate Israel. It causes mainstream Jews around here to reject his message.

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