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Latke Ball Spike Lee Sez: “Get on the (drunk) bus!”

Posted by Oyster on December 20, 2006

Latke Ball Bus

Kosher snacks, complimentary alcoholic beverages, great company, and someone to shlep you home after a night of drunken Jewish revelry with over 1,000 other Hannukah Hebrews? Priceless. Sign up now!

Don’t miss this fantastic event! Your ticket on the SVYAD Latke Ball Bus includes the bus ride, admission to the Latke Ball, and drinks and snacks on the bus. Just go to the events page to RSVP or email svyad(at)jvalley.org .

There will be pick-ups/drop-offs in Los Gatos, Palo Alto, and Foster City.

For more information on the Latke Ball, or to purchase individual non-bus tickets through SF YAD, visit sjcsf.org or call Lauren Taplinger at (415) 512-6280.


2 Responses to “Latke Ball Spike Lee Sez: “Get on the (drunk) bus!””

  1. Oyster said

    Looks like a sweater & a scarf were left on the bus. Any takers?

  2. […] yeah, check out this video from last year’s Latke Ball, that I randomly found online. Shweet! If you pay attention, you might sneak a peak at AaronWG […]

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