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Blog-roll Update: Beber’s Ghost

Posted by Oyster on December 21, 2006

Beber’s Ghost is a local B’nai Brith Youth Organization advisor. His blog is for ‘spirited’ (very punny!) discussion about BBYO. But the true inspiration for this and a whole slew of blogs & fora (for the non-Catholics in the audience, forums) that have popped up like mushrooms in the rain that was the “Vegas advisors conference”. There, many local advisors from the Oy Bay Area region of Central Region West BBYO #45, learned that fundamental changes were about to come to BBYO, whether they liked it or not. And they were very concerned, for these were changes that would affect the very nature of BBYO; potentially rendering it a wholly new youth group that had nothing to do with youth leadership. I take this very personally because Oyster wouldn’t be the shell-fish mentsch that he is today if it were not for his beloved AZA chapter, Dr. Theodor Seuss Geisel AZA #195.


5 Responses to “Blog-roll Update: Beber’s Ghost”

  1. Shalom El Amee #1898, Chicago Region!

    ILTC ’85 forever.

  2. Oyster said

    Thanks for the shout-out, AMM! Any thoughts on what’s brewing with BBYO?

  3. No clue. I have heard rumors it’s having membership issues out here. Where I live, it’s all about USY.

  4. mishgolden said

    “a whole slew of blogs & fora (for the non-Catholics in the audience, forums)”

    So, umm, why do Catholics have a special in with the singular of the word forum (especially since the Second Vatican Council)? If you’d said for non-Romans, I would have chuckled and wearily kept quiet; if you’d said non-Romans and non-lawyers I would have double-chuckled. But why Catholics?

  5. Oyster said

    Catholics have a unique spiritual familiarity, mediated by the High Papal Vessel, with the intracacies of the Latin mammeh-loshen. They are the guardians of purity and Truth ™ when it comes to invoking the haughty plural of Latin words. 😉

    IANAL, but you’re right. Saying “non-Romans in the audience” would have been a lot funnier. 🙂

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