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J Weekly: Word to yo’ Bubbie

Posted by Oyster on December 26, 2006

Bubbie J WeeklyJoyful Al33za was quick to point out that her Bubbie was featured on the cover of the J. Nice! 🙂

We already posted something about this article, noting the, um, interesting quote by one of the Elders of Zion who are still pluggin’ away at the Protocols (because, honestly, what MOT want’s to “break Protocol”?).

Three other articles of note:

My notes:

  • It’s the kind of negotiation when it’s a tough sell. My conclusion from the article? Unless one parent is very firm about celebrating Hannukah seriously, it’s a lost cause.
  • Tragic story of how a bright, athletic, popular Jewish teenager in Marin killed himself for no apparent reason. My friends who advise Jewish youth groups have told me that they are seeing unprecedented levels of stress and depression. :-/
  • Mountain View Chabad’s menorah is vandalized. Fricken’ Antisemites.

Oh yeah, and a Sylvester Same’akh to you all! 😉 (I know that it really refers to New Years, but I won’t be blogging then :-/)


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