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Another Bay Area Menorah Desecrated

Posted by Oyster on December 27, 2006

In addition to our reporting on the desecration of a Chabad menorah in Mountain View, another one was desecrated on the 7th night. It was the one belonging to the Sunnyvale Chabad. In the article, Rabbi Hecht says:

 We will not allow this senseless act of violence to disturb the community’s joy during the holidays,” said Rabbi Yisroel Hecht of the Sunnyvale Chabad. “The menorah and its message of tolerance and religious freedom will once again steadily illuminate the dark landscape that acts like this represent.

Khazak v’ematz, Rabi. We are all behind you.

Of course, this touches on the whole debate over the wisdom of displaying menorahs (and by menorah, I really mean khanuki’ah). The Mountain View menorah was on city property IIRC, whereas the Sunnyvale one was on private property. I personally side on the display of menorahs, but only on Jewish private property. In other situations, it’s more case-by-case.

And we Oy Bay’sters have a special connection to the now worldwide tradition of Chabad public menorah lightings for Hannukah. The first modern public menorah lighting outside of Israel was right here, in SF, by our own blogging, motorcycle-riding Rabbi Yosef Langer! Yes, WE are the home of the Chabad Menorah! 😀 If you check out my Hannukah Sunday post, you’ll see pictures from the lighting of the Bill Graham Menorah in Union Square, SF, along with pictures of me and my friends with Rabbi Langer. He started both the Berkeley and SF Chabad houses, two of the first five Chabad Houses in the world.

Hat tip, embarrassingly (in the sense of getting schkooped on our own turf), to JewSchool.


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