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Valtzin’ in a Vinter-Vonderland

Posted by Oyster on January 25, 2007

snow menorah

Valtzin’ in a Vinter-Vonderland

By a2z

Twas the second night of Chanukah, and we being Jews,

In our twenties and thirties, entered taking off our shoes,

At David G.’s we gathered in the living room with care,

In hopes to stay out of the cool night air.

We settled on the couch with the Chanukah spread,

With visions of board games dancing in our heads.

Schmoozing continued with many a good conversation,

And a few new event attendees to our elation.

Into teams for Pictionary we did split,

Drawing and guessing, we just didn’t quit.

Israela led candle lighting and Ma’oz Tzur we sang,

We ate some nosh and played more games with the gang.

Sufganiyot were consumed by everyone in sight,

Happy Hanukkah for all, and to all a good night.

December fun for young adults didn’t end there,

passing a sobriety checkpoint with no fear,

To get to Beth David where Carlebach melodies rang

And a separate Kiddish oneg to hang

Thanks Tomer for leading Kiddush and the wine,

And a game of dreidel we couldn’t decline.

A few new faces joined us thanks to oy-bay,

We hope to see them again another day

The next night Young Adults gathered for the Latke Ball

SVYAD provided a bus to SF with drinks for all

SF YAD had organized a loud and crazy night,

Of drinking and dancing to your hearts delight.

Wall to wall Jews filled the, Mezzanine club,

It was quite the Jewish geography hub.

While December was filled with all this fun,

As January approaches soon, we aren’t done.

Greg [planned] an awesome trip to Logitech Ice,

7:30pm, January 20, to go ‘round the rink at least twice.

[Twas] a lot of schmoozing in Stanley’s Sports Bar,

You can even bring your own ice skates from the car.

Don’t have a pair, not to worry

Rentals of figure or hockey skates are available in a hurry

Wearing thick socks and gloves are recommended,

Bring $7.50 for ice time and $3 for skate rental, and all will be splendid

In February our next Shir Shabbat is in store,

We’ll even greet you at the door.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday night,

February 23, and don’t forget your friends we do invite.

Feb. 25 CBD Mitzvah Day returns

To lend a helping hand we won’t need to take turns.

For March we’re planning some thing exciting,

We promise we won’t need to drag you kicking and fighting.

Please volunteer to help with our next events

Helping out will be time well spent

Spread the word and bring a friend

To CBDYAG events please attend
For up-to-date information about Congregation Beth David Young Adult Group events join our Yahoo!Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cbdyag/ and be sure to subscribe to the listserv by sending an e-mail to cbdyag-subscribe@yahoo.com. RSVP is appreciated for all events to cbdyag@gmail.com.


One Response to “Valtzin’ in a Vinter-Vonderland”

  1. Oyster said

    I was supposed to post this almost a month ago before my Israel trip. Apologies to a2z for the hold-up. Great job!

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