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Serious Case of ‘Lashon HaRah’ Being Investigated at Oy Bay

Posted by Oyster on February 1, 2007

A serious case of ‘lashon hara’, or ‘malicious gossip’ is being investigated here at Oy Bay. It is all in connection to a series of off-topic comments that started appearing at the following post:


The tenuous connection seems to be the posts’ mention of the Berkeley Beit Midrash, which is the community where this incident allegedly took place.

I’ve been having a hard-time commenting there for some reason, so here’s what I’m trying to state:

To Yehuda, Elisheva, Talia, Yael, Javorah, and Dovidana,

This fiasco is getting out of hand. Some very serious accusations are being thrown around here. Me and the rest of the Oy Bay team are going to get to the bottom of this. We are in the process of contacting various Berkeley rabbis, and the Berkeley police. You should expect an email from us. We ask that you provide us with a phone number where we might reach you to discuss this matter. This Lashon HaRah should end until it is resolved in a private manner and not on this blog post. Any further accusations thrown around here will be at your own spiritual peril.




If you came to this post by following a link in a comment on the original post where this incident occured:

I have made the decision to remove the name of the individual accused until the Oy Bay team has completed its investigation of this incident, to avoid any unintentional harm to the individual’s name. The initials of the named individual and a link to this post has replaced all occurences of the individual’s name. A full explanation of our findings and reasoning as to our response will be given when our investigation is complete.


4 Responses to “Serious Case of ‘Lashon HaRah’ Being Investigated at Oy Bay”

  1. Y. said

    Yasher Koach for this, I will cooperate in any way you need so the truth can be brought to light



  2. elisheva said

    Since you are in affilation with Mr L., you are now in violation of the Restraining orders served on him yesterday. I would highly reccommend you stop contacting me via e mail, and I will certainly not speak to you over the phone. My women friends were trying to save other women from becoming victimized by this person, and we are not spreading malicious gossip. Y. has Borderline and if you research that you will find it is manipulation of the truth and distortion of reality, among other things. If you continue to contact me you will be contacted by the Berkeley police and Alameda county D.A.’s office for violating the restraining orders which says NO third party contact. The truth will be brought to light on 2/23 at 9:00 am at the RO hearing in front of the Judge. Thank you for not futher contacting me so I don’t have to take legal action.

  3. mishgolden said

    Elisheva, I don’t know what this is about, but, if it isn’t true in every single little detail, you’ve just libeled someone. You, personally, can be sued for this.
    (Yes, I am a lawyer.)

  4. elisheva said

    another aspect of Borderline is promiscuity; casual sexual encounters, etc. this is true fact and not libel.

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