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JDate, Hillel of Silicon Valley, team up for Purim Bash

Posted by Oyster on February 9, 2007

JDate HSV Purim

Looks like my friends (Longdong, you know who you are) at the Hillel of Silicon Valley weren’t joking that they were planning a phat Pour’em Purim party this year. And from what I’ve heard, JDate is pretty choosy about what events they’re willing to associate with their “sterling” name. What a coup! LchaimLover, do you know any more about this? Also, if you have any wild & crazy experiences as a result of this Jewish drunken revelry, be sure to hit up Queen Esther herself at JDaters Anonymous. 🙂

One Response to “JDate, Hillel of Silicon Valley, team up for Purim Bash”

  1. lchaimlover said

    Purim Masquerade Ball Promises To Excite and Entertain

    An evening of masquerade awaits. All you need is a mask with your ballroom clothing to join us for an affair that transcends both space and time. With a large room full of music and decorations escape into the sounds of the night. Hillel of Silicon Valley in association with JDate, AEPi and SVYAD invite you to a night of food, fun, and dancing in honor of Purim.

    College students, graduate students, and young adults are all invited to join others from around the bay area for a night you’ll never forget. Attendees will receive free favors, food, and succulent desserts. There will also be photographers taking pictures to help you remember this magical night.

    A raffle will be held in which contestants can win fabulous prizes. All proceeds made from the raffle will go towards providing free Shabbat dinners for students at Hillel of Silicon Valley.

    This exciting event will be held at the Kona Kai Club, 680 Hubbard Avenue, in Santa Clara on Saturday March 3rd from 8 PM until Midnight. Tickets are $5 or free with a current college ID. So take out those old prom dresses and iron your suits and get ready for the Purim Masquerade Ball.

    For more information or to RSVP please contact Hillel of Silicon Valley at 408-286-6669 or email Vanina at studentlife@hillelsv.org.

    “This program is generously supported by an opportunity grant from the Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley and the Koret Foundation.”

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