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‘Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad’ showing in Palo Alto

Posted by Oyster on February 11, 2007

Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad Palo Alto

I’ve been in touch with the Goddess Perlman to help make sure that the word gets out about the edgy Jewish comedy / cabaret show ‘Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad‘, as it makes its way to SF and Palo Alto. Looks like the Palo Alto show is selling out fast, so get tickets while you can! I’m not sure which show is intended for the ‘edgier’ college crowd. I’m assuming the later one. Type in “Jewish” in the search box once you’re at the InTicketing homepage to find the shows.

Check out this preview video of their show. It features Vanessa Hidary (of “The Tribe” fame), who we featured on Oy Bay before, and Michelle Citrin. I had the pleasure of hearing Michelle perform this Succot at the Stanford Hillel, and I met up with her on my Birthright trip. Alas, Michelle won’t be in this show’s line-up. But enjoy her beautiful singing on the video! And all the antics of the other hilarious Jewesses. It’s pretty crazy:

More updates and previews coming up! Stay tuned… 🙂


2 Responses to “‘Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad’ showing in Palo Alto”

  1. […] ‘Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad’ showing in Palo Alto […]

  2. Charles Moreland said

    I never knew nice Jewish girls existed. they have always been with me! Try a different take on nice Jewish Girls by reading SWAP by Sam Moffie who happens to be a bad Jewish boy writing nice things.

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