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Blogroll Update: JewKnowIt! and Jewlicious Festivals

Posted by Oyster on February 13, 2007

JewKnowIt banner

Looks like the Bloggerer Rebbe Yonah Bookstein and Rav Shmuel (who was featured on Oy Bay before… check out the music video!) have started a band blog together. What does it focus on? I have no clue. Their sub-line seems to be, “What Would Moshe Do?” 🙂 I dunno, but you may want to ask Phoebe

Which reminds me: sign up for the Jewlicious @ the Beach, 3.0 Festival!!! You’ll be able to chill with Oyster, Rabbi Yonah, and Rav Shmuel, the Jewlicious.com team, and more. Good for the Jews!!!


2 Responses to “Blogroll Update: JewKnowIt! and Jewlicious Festivals”

  1. Esther said

    Some people just can’t stop founding blogs…technology goes wild, 21st Century Rabbi style…

  2. Oyster said

    ‘Cuz he’s a 21-st Century digital Rabboi / Don’t know how to sin, but writes for a lotta bloggy toys!” 🙂

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