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Hate Jews for the Right Reason…

Posted by lchaimlover on February 13, 2007

wiesel-eli-ceremony.jpgHave you heard what happened to Eli Wiesel? He was assaulted in San Francisco, by a Holocaust denier. I was in a Torah study class when I heard this. The woman telling the story said the whole thing was to get Wiesel to deny the Holocaust, to which our rabbi responded, “Which he lived through…” Exactly the issue with Holocaust denial isn’t it? How can one deny something they lived through? It is not entirely unlike me denying that fact I was born. Wiesel was quoted as saying, “I feared for my life in a way that hadn’t happened to me since 1945, before the end of the war.” Holocaust deniers are anti-semites and/or anti-Zionists whose goal is usually to prove that the world is under the influence of the evil Jews who are using the Holocaust to take over the world.

Have you ever seen The Believer ? It is a tragic story (loosely based on fact) of a self-hating Jew, named Danny, who becomes a Neo-Nazi. In the movie he is discussing his anti-semitism with a group of Holocaust survivors and young Neo-Nazis. One of thedvd-the-believer.jpg troubled young men says, in response to a survivor’s tale, “The Holocaust never happened!” To which Danny responds, “Of course the Holocaust happened, if it didn’t happen why do we admire Hitler so much!?”

It’s so tragically true, you almost want to laugh. One can hate Jews if their ignorance tells them to, but do not take from the Jews a quintessential experience which can not and should not be erased from our history. Danny, in one of his anti-semitic tirades makes the most accurate statement as to why people are anti-semitic: “Do you want to know the real reason we hate them? Because we hate them. Because they exist. Because it’s an axiom of nature that just as man longs for woman, loves his children, and fears death, he hates Jews. There’s no reason. If there were, some smartass kike would try to come up with an argument, try to prove us wrong. And of course that would only make us hate them more. In fact we have all the reasons we need in three simple letters: J-E-W. Jew.” So go ahead, kidnap Eli Wiesel and try to disprove something which every Jew will always know in their hearts happened. Continue to hate the Jew and try to spread lies about what the Jewish people are and stand for. But you cannot take away our collective memory, and therefore there will always be proof.



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