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Holocaust Survivor Elie Wiesel Attacked in San Francisco

Posted by Oyster on February 13, 2007

We aren’t the first to report it, but I feel a special duty as Oy Bay Area bloggers to write about this. LchaimLover has already done a good job toward that end, and I’ll try to supplement what she’s already reported.

Some recent headlines:

  • The Chron: Police have East Coast suspect in attack on Holocaust survivor
  • The Merc: Wiesel says attack shows Holocaust deniers are getting bolder
  • The Trib: Wiesel attacked in S.F.
  • The Ex: Search on for Peace Prize-winner’s attacker

The lead suspect is ‘Eric Hunt’ of Ziopedia.org, an Austrialia-based anti-Israel and antisemitic website. The editor of the site, Andrew Winkler, goes to no pains to hide his hatred of Jews, wrote this caveat to Eric Hunt’s diatribe where he confesses to attacking Elie Wiesel:

[Editor’s note: ZioPedia.org’s article on an alleged attempt – by an author identifying himself as ‘Eric Hunt’ – to force ‘Holocult Pope’ Elie Wiesel to an interview and a confession that his supposedly non-fictional books on his experience as a ‘Holocaust survivor’, have caused considerable interest in mainstream media. At this stage, we are unable to identify whether this article itself is fictional or not, but my gut feeling is that it is a spoof. The Rebel Team receives between 500-1000 emails every day with article submission and – being an entirely volunteer based virtual team of dissident activists, it is impossible for us to do a lot – if any – research, before posting any submissions.

As a result of articles in Fox News, San Francisco Chronicle, CNN, Jerusalem Pest and others, the usual number of visits of the ZioPedia.org site skyrocketed over the last couple of days. I would like to mention that we appreciated to be referred to by Fox News, the site we received the most hits from, as an ‘anti-Zionist blog’ and not as an ‘anti-Semitic site’ as we are usually called by the Chosen Media. Not that it bothers us much these days, given the fact that all it takes to be labelled an anti-Semite is to say anything only remotely critical of the racist Zionist entity and her fifth column, also known as the ‘pro-Israel lobby’. Just ask Jimmy Carter, Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer about their experiences on that matter.

No greater cowardice in publishing than not standing behind your decision to publish something. And they are culpable in the crime committed if they don’t work with police to determine the identity of ‘Eric Hunt’.

IndyBay, the SF Bay Area’s IndyMedia propaganda machine, had the decency to at least acknowledge that this happened. They are so ignorant of antisemitism, that the only way that they could categorize this post is under ‘Racial Justice’. I hope they meant justice for Elie Wiesel, not against him. They attribute their original source of the Eric Hunt manifesto to The Civic Platform, which is less of a civic platform, and more of an uncivil Antisemitic umschlaugplatz. I also hold them accountable if they fail to cooperate with police in their investigation.

The upside of this is that it appears to be an isolated incident. The downside is that because of the nature of Hate Crime laws in the US, we cannot prosecute Holocaust Deniers. If there ever was a need for an example of how someone being brainwashed in hate will be lead to act out in their hate, then here it is. Holocaust Denier groups should be treated the same as the Ku Klux Klan. In Europe, which progressives have wet-dreams about, Holocaust denial is a crime. Hey Santa Cruz! Hey Berkeley! Hey SF! There’s another excellent progressive law that you can pass. I won’t hold my breath…


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