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This Weekend: Y-Love? Why not?!

Posted by Oyster on February 23, 2007

Y-LoveWho is Y-Love? A black hasidic hip-hop artist from Brooklyn who is currently on the J-Dub Records Modular Moods record label. He busts a rhyme in Hebrew, Yiddish, and even ancient Aramaic! He’s also an avid blogger, contributing regularly to JewSchool.com and his own blog, ThisIsBabylon. You can try out his music on his MySpace page.

He’ll be hitting the Oy Bay Area this weekend, performing with Felonious in SF on Saturday night (after Shabbos, of course!), and at the Feast of Jewish Learning this Sunday (for free! With He’Brew beer!) that we blogged about earlier.

Y-Love Felonious

And finally, here’s a YouTube sample of the man’s talent:


6 Responses to “This Weekend: Y-Love? Why not?!”

  1. D>Wolf said

    Y-Love is on Modular Moods outta Brooklyn NOT J-Dub

  2. Y-Love said

    Yeah! Strictly Modular!

  3. Oyster said

    Whoa, my bad! Sorry Dan! Sorry Y-Love! I’ll fix that promptly.

    Y-Love’s rhymes were strong and heart-felt, everyone. Pick up his CD and hear some Torah truth.

  4. […] This Weekend: Y-Love? Why not?! […]

  5. […] This Weekend: Y-Love? Why not?! […]

  6. doooooooooope article/video!


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