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‘Feast’ Wrap-Up

Posted by Oyster on March 2, 2007

From BJE Presents:…

Wow, where to start?

The Bureau of Jewish Education’s 2nd Annual Young Adult Feast of Jewish Learning was amazing. Hundreds of young Jews converging on the SF JCC to get some authentic Jewish experiences. From Torah to challah, from Y-Love‘s free-stylin’ Aramaic raps, to Talmud study. We had it all. And then some. And then washed down with some free He’Brew beer.

Well, I already gabbed about Jewlicious Laya being there, and showed off Mariana. Now I have to give some mad-props to Rabbi Joshua Strulowitz, who was the instructor for my first class. He lead a very interesting conversation on the Orthodox perspective on the flexibility of Halakha over the span of Jewish history.

From BJE Presents:…

So y’all know why the Oyster was there. Because he’s a crazy Jew-dude. But why were some very hip, very normal SF Jews chillin’ out there? Well, let them speak for themselves! I apologize for the low-quality of the video (many excited Jews make for a noisy room!). If you listen carefully, you can hear this participant very clearly, as I mercilessly interrogate her:

After the intermission, I attended a class lead by Rabbi Peretz on the roundabout ways by which Greek philosophy is discussed in the Talmud. A very fascinating take on Plato’s “The Allegory of the Cave”. Same cave, but with a mezuzzah! 🙂

From BJE Presents:…

That’s about all that I have to say right now. It’s late. 🙂 But in case you didn’t catch the drift, all of my photos for the event can be found here. And a big round of applause for Mariana and Sarah, who put on a hell of a show. Kol Ha’Kavod. And I’m not just saying that. All of it for you two!!


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