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Y-Love: in the J and on the YouTube

Posted by Oyster on March 2, 2007

Y-Love Oyster

We gave y’all the heads up on Y-Love’s Left Coast debut, and we gave him a big-up for his performance at the Bureau of Jewish Education’s 2nd Annual Young Adult Feast of Jewish Learning.. Now, the J Weekly is running a story on this Hebrew dynamo:

Growing up as a Baptist in Flatbush, N.Y., Yitzhak Jordan never guessed that he’d end up freestyle rapping in Aramaic one day.  Then again, he never guessed he’d end up being named Yitzhak.  Jordan (now known in the music world as Y-Love) discovered his talent for rapping while in yeshiva, after his conversion to Orthodox Judaism.  Today he’s a Chassidic hip-hop sensation, melding black and Jewish culture in incredible ways.

The J Weekly: Hip-hop, Judaism converge when Y-Love takes stage

Whoa, I didn’t know that Yitz was a computer programmer! That might explain why his blog is hella tight. But we’re gonna one-up ya, J Weekly! Oy Bay busts it out with **exclusive** (and by that, I mean crappy) footage of Y-Love wowing the crowd at the BJE Feast of Jewish Learning:

I had a very interesting and frank discussion with Yitz after he was done with his set, and enjoying some He’Brew beer. He was kind of surprised to see what Jewish life was like here in “The Great Fringe of the Diaspora” (thanks for that one, Sarah!) of the Oy Bay Area. While he was shocked to hear that there are only 2 kosher restaurants in San Francisco, he lives in a town where there are 2, on average, per block! He was very curious to hear about what was being done to help bring the Yidd’n together, and I told him about our challenges, and our as-of-late successes. When I asked him about his impressions of the cultural differences of the Bay Area vs. the East Coast, he mentioned how open and welcoming everyone is; how the Mission Minyan was welcoming of him to join them, when he had to daven separately (he’s Haredi) because of their praying without a mechitza. One drawback that he related to me was that as they were walking back from services, they kept on getting excited and having these great discussions, where they’d stop for a bit to talk. One time, this happened in the Castro District, in front of a gay porn shop. Yitz finally got irritated, and said, “Can WE PLEASE walk and talk somewhere else?!”. 🙂


7 Responses to “Y-Love: in the J and on the YouTube”

  1. […] Y-Love: in the J and on the YouTube We gave y?all the heads up on Y-Love?s Left Coast debut, and we gave him a big-up for his performance at the Bureau of Jewish Education?s 2nd Annual Young Adult Feast of Jewish Learning.. Now, the J Weekly is running a story on this … […]

  2. rachel said

    yay! my writing featured in oy bay – in a box, no less. 😉 i have been swooning over y-love all week. yummy.

  3. Oyster said

    Yeah, the man’s very impressive. I wish I had longer to hang out with him. Did you talk with him, Rach’?

    And you know your writing is **always** welcome on Oy Bay, right? 😉 But you’re right on calling me on the fact that I didn’t give the proper citation.

  4. rachel said

    aw, no citation necessary – i kinda like being the shadowy face of the newsletter 😉 no, i didn’t get to meet him (sadly didn’t get to go to the FJL) but i would loove to see him perform. hopefully he’ll come back here…

  5. sarah said

    i was with yitz in the castro…and it isn’t that he minds being around gay culture or whatever, it seemed more that he was tired of being stared at. i joked at the time that he’s got a winning combo – black and hassidic – that makes even the most jaded san franciscan (and we have seen it ALL) stop and check him out.

  6. Oyster said

    You’re right. He didn’t have a problem with being in the Castro District per se, but he wasn’t thrilled about being in front of a porn shop. And yes, short of “blakssidic”, we’ve seen it all, ’round here. 🙂
    But I’d imagine that this isn’t a new problem for Yitz. I can’t believe that even in the heart of Babylon (NYC), there would be so many black hassids running around that he’d be half a yawn. I didn’t have a chance to ask him about this, but I’m sure he has volumes to say on the subject. Perhaps I’ll drop him a line on thisisbabylon.net …

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